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2020. 2. 3 - 2020. 3. 31

Exhibition Venue & Open Hours


SKT-Tower, Euljiro 1-ga Exit no.4 / Daejeon SKT Dunsan Bldg

CH 1 - 08:30 ~ 21:00

CH 2,3 - 08:30 ~ 18:30



4F, SK building, 26, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

09:00 ~ 18:00

*Closed on weekends and public holidays


Entry Fee  Free

Organizer  Art Center NabiSK Telecom, SK Innovation

Artist  CLAUDE

Exhibition Inquiry  02 2121 0953

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<Exhibition Statement>

The term Homo sapiens, known as the first modern humans that are estimated to have existed roughly 30,000 years ago, has the etymological meaning of “thinking man” and signifies that the nature of humans lies in their thinking capability. What do human senses and perceptions mean in contemporary society in which humanity’s thinking is being taken over by machinery, or more narrowly, AI technology? Although the human brain is still an unknown arena, the human senses and perceptions intermediated by the brain are the key to lending life force to the nature of humans.


The Origin, an exhibition to be held as part of COMO&HAPPY SCREEN in February 2020, features Synapse (2019) and Wave (2019) by CLAUDE, an audio-visual artist who poses questions concerning human nature and life force and reinterprets them in texture.


Synapse is a depiction of the tangled connections of organisms and cells as well as a representation of human memories and emotions in video and music. A synapse is a part of a neuron whose function is to pass a signal to another neuron and is entangled in an elaborate, complicated structure. This work is a visualization of a synapse’s highly dense connections and a figuration of our perception of human emotions and memories, crossing the border between the senses of sight and hearing.


Inspired by the assumption that the first life form was born in the sea, Wave is a manifestation of organic images associated with life and living in the form of sea and waves and their correlations in an abstract fashion. The movement of a life form as suggested by waves and its activity serves as the momentum to make an in-depth inquiry into the basis or nature of humans.


We humans of today explore the range of possibility in the future while witnessing the emergence of machines that are able to think like humans. This exhibition titled The Origin is designed to pose a question concerning the significance of “life force” while expressing the nature of humans in an abstract manner. The life force deriving from human senses and perceptions will free humans from technology and work as a symbol to convey how humanity is distinguishable from machinery. This exhibition is expected to serve as an opportunity to confront the nature of humans so as to enable them to exist in this world through the expanded movements of life and senses that CLAUDE has created. 

<Artwork Description>

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<Synapse>(2019), Audio-visual installation.

Ⓒ CLAUDE All Rights Reserved.

Human memories and emotions do not simply pass by the existent situation; rather, they are complex things that flexibly move between past memories and future deeds. Synapse portrays human memories and emotions as well as the intricate nerves and movements between organisms and cells in videos and music in a three-dimensional space. This work brings about changes in our perception of our memories and emotions by blurring the boundaries between the senses of sight and hearing.

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<Wave>(2019), Audio-visual installation.

Ⓒ CLAUDE All Rights Reserved.

Inspired by the hypothesis that the first life form came into being in the sea, Wave is a work that visualizes the cells of a life form and organic shapes of life and living in the form of sea and waves and expresses their correlations in abstract images. This work consists of three parts — ocean-cell-organism— and draws out in-depth ideas on life, the essence and nature of humans. 

<About the Artist>


CLAUDE is a Korea-based audio-visual artist who has been working on generative audio-visual artworks that react to audio signals alongside glitch sounds and other noises in real-time. He works in the manner of interpreting an object’s motions into visual images and sounds arising from the motions into a piece of music under the assumption there is an abstract organismic-object in a three-dimensional space. His practice mainly focuses on the complex fabric of nature, life, and human psychology.

Exhibition Manager  HyeIn Jeon
Exhibition Curator  Yukyung Chung

Promotion Yoojin Chung

Video Editing  Homan Kwon

Video Transmission  Junho Choi

Design  Yukyung Chung