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[Online Exhibition] 《We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces》

[Online Exhibition] We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces

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Exhibition Duration  2020.03.30(Mon) ~

Exhibition Link

Artists  Raphaël Bastide, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, JODI, LI Weiyi, Evan Roth, Slime Engine, Helmut Smits, XU Wenkai (aka aaajiao), Yangachi and YE Funa

Exhibition Statement

As a movement and a light of hope, Art Center Nabi presents the exhibition We = Link: Ten Easy Pieces together with other media art institutions. Through this online exhibition connecting the bonds of hope and unity through international solidarity, we hope to spread feelings of hope and comfort around the world.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the world is going through unprecedented social and economic chaos. As anxiety and confusion continued such as the closure of cultural and artistic institutions, the Chronos Art Center organized a special online exhibition We=Link: Ten Easy Piece in partnership with 12 media art institutions around the world to convey hope to the world through solidarity.

Art Center Nabi(Seoul) co-hosts with Rhizome of the New Museum(New York) to show the movement of community solidarity that grants empowerment as a network and tell stories about human and their survivals not simply from the current limited situation which threatens human life and dignity, but in broader categories.

The exhibition subtitle ‘Five Easy Pieces’, also well known as the title of a film, evokes our uncomfortable feelings such as the feeling of existential anxiety, alienation and identity. Rather than an explicit outcry against the current public health crisis, this online project addresses a general state of humanity and also implies a positive meaning that the communities are united through networking in an attempt to deliver hope. And through this exhibition, we also aim to revitalize society by practicing Net Art which played a crucial role in contributing to early discourse on media art and developing network.

In We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces, Raphaël Bastide, aaajiao, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, JODI, LI Weiyi, Evan Roth, Slime Engine, Helmut Smits, Yangachi and YE Funa represent artworks which investigate the potential of mobile technology in creative use of various social media platforms based on networks. As a Korean artist, Yangachi sought inverse surveillance system by critically examining the mechanism of panopticon in the form of art through <>(2020).

We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces will be exhibited at and also it will be presented as a project of First Look: New Art Online, a New Museum online program and archived online by Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) at


[Virtual Dialogue Event]

For the audience in Korea to join the event, RSVP is required. 

For the audience in China, we are partnering with MANA who will simulcast and monitor the chat with the Chronus Art Center in Beijing. Please click on the link below to join the event on 7 April 2020 (08:00).  

For audience in other countries, we will be simulcasting on Facebook live on the Leonardo/ISAST page (
Below is the event link:


Leonardo's Social Connecting with Coffee and Cocktails for an informal discussion around the online exhibition "We=Link Ten Easy Pieces" with special guest ZHANG Ga from the Chronus Art Center along with artists YE Funa, LI Weiyi, Tega Brain and Soh Yeong Roh, the Director of Art Center Nabi.


Organizer Chronus Art Center

Curator ZHANG Ga

Co-commissioner Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Art Center Nabi (Seoul), Rhizome of the New Museum (New York)

Co-hosts Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Art Center Nabi (Seoul), Rhizome of the New Museum (New York), Arts at CERN (Geneva), e-flux (New York), HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), iMAL (Brussels), LABORATORIA Art & Science Foundation (Moscow), Leonardo/ISAST, MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven), SETI AIR/SETI Institute (Mountain View), V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam)

Co-hosting Institutions:

Arts at CERN (Geneva)

e-flux (New York)

HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel)

iMAL (Brussels)

LABORATORIA Art & Science Foundation (Moscow)


MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven)

SETI AIR/SETI Institute (Mountain View)

V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam)

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