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The AI+Forum is organized to mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Art Center Nabi. With artificial intelligence as its main theme, the forum is designed to explore the nature of science and technology and their sociocultural influence and meaning. On the third Thursday of every month, we will be dealing with issues related to AI with various social experts and leaders from all walks of life. With “AI+Error” as its theme, the September forum discusses the drawbacks of relying on AI to minimize errors in the current industry and presents new perspectives and applications on the issue. The forum will be streamed live through Art Center Nabi's official YouTube channel.


<AI + Error>

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, all industries, including AI, Robotic Networks, and Smart Factory, are being changed by algorithms. However, the goal to minimize errors with algorithms sometimes creates an insecure system. Professor Seong-Lyun Kim's lecture introduces the importance of reduced complexity of algorithms and mutation(Zeros) with case studies in engineering. The concept of Digital Silence will be applied to the fields of engineering, media, and art, and used to design systems that are “steadfast and invulnerable” from the external environment. Jaehyuck Bae, an artist at teamVOID will give a lecture on how the creation of a system that reveals errors can be interpreted and accepted as part of the work.


[AI+ Forum]

Event: AI + Error

Date : 2020. 9. 17. (Thu) 19:00-21:30

Speaker : Seong-Lyun Kim _ Professor at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University

                    Jaehyuck Bae _ Artist at 'teamVOID'




19:00 ~ 19:10

Welcome Message and Introducing AI+Forum

19:10 ~ 19:50

Digital Silence

Prof. Seong-Lyun Kim 

(School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University)

19:50 ~ 20:20

Create a System with an Error

Jaehyuck Bae (teamVOID)

20:20 ~ 20:40

Talk Session and Q&A 

-Prof. Seong-Lyun Kim

-Jaehyuck Bae

-Moderator : Soh Yeong Roh (Director of Art Center Nabi)

20:40 ~

Closing of event


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* The forum will be streamed live through Art Center Nabi's official YouTube channel. Thank you for your interest and support.

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Seong-Lyun Kim is a Professor at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, and is heading the Center for Flexible Radio (CFR+) and co-directing H2020 EUK PriMO-5G project. He is also leading the operation of the Yonsei-KT 5G OPEN, a 5G testbed, and has been leading Smart Factory TF of 5G Forum and working with 5G-ACIA for international cooperation since 2018. His field of study includes wireless networks, robotic networks, and information theory, and served as a chair for various conferences and consulted companies both in Korea and abroad.



Jaehyuck Bae is a member of the media art collective teamVOID, and has been working on various projects with robots. The team name refers to the ‘VOID’ in programming language and hopes to fill the empty space with their various works. The group, comprised of engineering and new media art majors, designs quality work with solid mechanical design and aesthetic sense. Started with screen-based art, teamVOID encompasses various media including kinetic sculpture, interactive media, light sculpture, and robotics. Through various collaborations such as in “The Malfunction” with Gentle Monster and “Nike: ON AIR” with Nike, they continue to expand their territory into different fields of new media art.