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[AI+ FORUM] AI + Literacy

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<AI+> Forum was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Art Center Nabi. The Forum brings together various communities of AI developers, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and people who are interested to lay heads together to find ways of using AI in order to help enable a prosperous, inclusive and thriving future for people.

<AI + Literacy>

How will education change in the age of artificial intelligence?

Moving into a new chapter of artificial intelligence, this new era demands new approaches in educationnot only on the basic principles of computer science but also on the basic literacy of artificial intelligence. The forum will reflect on the current AI education with Kim Seung-il, CEO of Modu Labs, Young-Jun Jang of Riiid, and Art Center Nabi Team leader Jin Young Youn to map out future AI education.

In the talks, the speakers will share the reality of current AI-related education, present various possibilities for the future, and discuss the pros and cons when AI is introduced in education. They will also discuss how to develop an education that not only implements AI technology but also fosters conceptual understanding of AI and AI literacy, that will make us think about the upcoming future that AI will bring.

[AI+ Forum]


AI + Literacy


2020. 11. 24. (Tue) 14:00-15:30

Seung-il Kim_CEO of MODU Labs
Young-jun Jang_CEO of Riiid Inc. 
Jin-young Youn_Team leader of Art Center Nabi


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*The forum will be streamed simultaneously through Art Center Nabi's YouTube channel.