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[Online] nabi archive 2020

[Online] nabi archive 2020: 20th Anniversary Archive Web Page

Open  2020.12.14(Mon.)


Art Center Nabi’s 20 years has been the time of exploration into the new man-machine age engendered by digital technology. While following the development of this new technology, artists, scientists and engineers along with scholars of humanities have tried to make sense of the technology; what it does to human psyches, spirits and minds, as well as to our social relations and organizations. We have witnessed that human beings cannot be understood separated from the dominant mnemonic technology, i.e. digital media, because we build our identities with and upon that technology. We also have seen that the recent development of digital technology, such as machine learning, has tipped the man-machine balance towards machine knowledge that is becoming more and more opaque and alien to humans. New fears as well as new opportunities abound. This is all the more reason why we should look upon man-machine symbiosis from critical as well as from creative perspectives. How do we co-exist with machines that have already become an integral part of ourselves? How do we claim human dignity when our thoughts and behaviors are increasingly organized by machines? Or is ‘being human’, or ‘human dignity’ a relic from the past age?

Ultimately, we are asking the same old questions: who I am and who we are. The more diverse the methods of asking these questions, the richer our cultural legacy may be.


Soh Yeong Roh (Director, Art Center Nabi)

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The year 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Art Center Nabi. As the advance in digital media and information technology entailed a shift in our way of thinking, emotions, and relationships, art merged with technology is also evolving and expanding its horizon. Art Center Nabi has maintained a critical perspective on the cutting-edge technologies as a new and extended form of art, encouraged production of artistic creations, and engaged in various activities for community building that could deliver new social movements.

As the only art center in Korea specialized in media art, we have been carrying out numerous projects including exhibitions, education, residency, and incubating programs. <Nabi Archive 2020> recollects this trail of Nabi, as well as the people who have joined the journey with us. Through this online archive, we would like to share the past memories of Nabi that could hopefully lead to the beginning of new values in the future.


*The archive page is only available online.

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