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[Joint Exhibition] A.I.MAGINE

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[Joint Exh]《A.I.MAGINE》

2018 ICT Convergence Project A.I.MAGINE

2018.10.25(Thu) - 11.8(Thu)

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is the current buzzword in Korea as it mingles with the digital era within its context of vast and rapid economic growth, From micro to macro level, this heightened digitization with speedier and vaster amount of data acquirement is the new territorial competition. With that, the irony of authentic and autonomous subjectivity is lost within this chaotic flow of data seemingly available, democratic, free, and open to all in a whole new incomprehensible form. “A.I.MAGINE” examines this sense of confusion by shifting the focus to the relations of Human and Artificial Intelligence. - Inyoung Yeo

With nine collectives of artists and engineers, the project brings together a multi-venue exhibition appropriating and addressing A.I. technology and or ideologies with multiple mediums including sound and dance performances, interactive robot arm, VR, AR, animation and game installation works. At Art Center Nabi, works by DEXM Lab Hwayong Jung, PILO Networks, Mint Park and Junseo Hahm will be presented. 

- Venue

ᆞArt Center Nabi (4F, SK building, 26, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul)

ᆞUrban Data Science Lab (3F, 416 Gaepo-ro, Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

ᆞSpace One (1-480 Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

- Opening Hours

ᆞUrban Data Science Lab (Mon - Fri) 10:00 - 18:00
ᆞArt Center Nabi (Mon - Fri) 10:00 – 18:00
ᆞSpace One (Tue - Sun) 13:00 – 19:00

- Admission

- Opening Party
2018.10.25 (Thu) 17:00 @ Urban Data Science Lab

-Mint Park/PILO Networks Performance

2018.10.25 (Thu) 17:00 @ Art Center Nabi

-Artist/Curator Talk

2018.11.02 (Fri) 19:00-21:00 @ Art Center Nabi

- Participatinig Artists

ᆞMint Park
ᆞYun Shim + Rachel Choi
ᆞJewon Yoon
ᆞTeam TRIAD Minje Jeon, Honam Kim, Gwangmin Hong
ᆞJunseo Hahm
ᆞDEXM Lab  Hwayong Jung
ᆞmidiDICE Jeeyoon Hyun, Changmin Kim, Hynki Min, Jooyeon Park
ᆞPILO Networks Sungpil Kim, Joonwoo Ahn

- Artists Exhibiting at Nabi

Mint Park is an electronic musician and multi-media artist from Seoul, South Korea. Interested in finding numerous perspectives and experiences of sound and image, which are fragmentation and reflection of reality, she works with sound, audio-visuals and interactive systems to navigate through today’s time and space of inter-media and technology, while questioning its imminent future. As a co-founder of Unheard Records, a female-curated electronic music label, she regularly produces and curates music with artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London and Munich. Her overarching interests and endeavor in music and arts have led to collaborative projects with choreographers, filmmakers, visual artist and instrumentalists around the globe. Mint has been performing and presenting her work in variety of formats internationally. Her work has been at REDCAT, Los Angeles; the LAB San Francisco, WeSA Festival, Seoul, Bangkok and Budapest in venues such as REDCAT, the wulf. The LAB, Robot Speak and 4D SOUND.

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Junseo Hahm is an artist who uses various media on biological inspirations, including the process of visual recognition, the recursive nature of life, the generation process of life and the organic images of organisms. While mostly employing animations, Hahm has recently expanded his spectrum to digital art by using computer graphic technology and artificial life. His animations have been screened at a number of well-known festivals including the Ottawa Animation Festival. Hahm studied art theory and experimental animations and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in art technology and teaching video filming at a university.

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DEXM Lab is a convergence interdisciplinary group through which experts from various fields realize convergent art and study new forms of visual art outside the creative boundaries in the age of the ever-expanding age of information. The founder of DEXM, Hwayong Jung, is a media artist who received his/her bachelor’s degree in engineering and master’s decree on design at Hongik University and received his/her master’s in computer art at the School of Visual Arts. Jung uses digital media as a means of exx-pression to create new and atypical images and aims to break from the conventional by applying various digital methods of exx-pression. Jung’s VR works and video arts not only are semantically based on the virtual world outside the symbolic world but also examine the digital virtual space as a space of emancipation which could tear down the fixed system of meaning. By drawing in the meaning of the non-meaning and experimenting with the extremely atypical images created by human beings and machines, Hwayong Jung’s work aims to present a visually rich world of heterotopia, which is intrinsic in computer simulations. 

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PILO Networks is a studio which makes use of the new media for creating artworks. PILO

Networks is currently attempting to find points of contact between life and art, and art and


Seongpil Kim graduated from the School of Design at Hongik University and is currently active in the field of new media art installation and video art, winning multiple awards in Korea and overseas.

Joonwoo Ahn is an engineer who graduated from the Department of Robotics at Kwangwoon

University. Ahn is currently working at the Dynamic Robotic Systems Lab at the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University, focusing on research on autonomous driving and deep learning.

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