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privacy policy

privacy policy

‘Art Center Nabi’ (henceforth called ‘ACN’) respects the privacy rights of our customers and abides by the law regarding “the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information”.
Through the Privacy Policy, ACN keeps our customers informed of how their personal information is being used, and what kind of actions are being taken for the protection of information.
Should there be any changes to the Privacy Policy, ACN will notify our customers by posting a note on the website (or through individual contacts).

ο This policy takes effect from November 11, 2009.

[Types of Personal Information Collected]

For various purposes such as sign-ups, counseling, and service applications, ACN collects personal information as below.

  • ο Types of information collected: Name, Login IDs and passwords, telephone number, phone number, email address, occupation, records of service utilization, connection logs
  • ο Source of collection: Webpage (Sign-ups, registrations, etc.)
[Collection and Usage of Personal Information]
ACN utilizes collected information for the following purposes:

  • ο Fulfillment of contracts and payments regarding service provision
  • ο Member Management:
    Personal identification, confirmation of intention to sign up, age validation, confirmation of assent from a legal representative when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14, handling civil affairs such as complaints procedure, and delivery of disclaimers
  • ο Marketing and advertisements, delivery of commercial information like events or promotions.
[Period of Retention and Usage of Personal Information]

In principle, upon fulfilling the purpose of collecting and using personal information, the relevant information is to be destroyed without any delay. However, it is to be retained for a specified period of time under the following circumstances.

  • ο Types of information: Name, Login IDs and passwords, telephone number, phone number, email address, occupation, records of service utilization, connection logs
  • ο Basis for retention: management according to ACN’s internal policy
  • ο Retention period: If a member withdraws his/her membership or becomes excluded from membership, ACN keeps personal information of the member for a certain period of time as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations as follows.
  • ο Should the information be held on to despite the above retention period, your consent will be asked.
[Procedure and Method of Destroying Personal Information]

In principle, upon fulfilling the purpose of collecting and using personal information, ACN is to destroy the relevant information without any delay. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows:

  • ο Destruction procedure
    The information entered by a member for membership will be transferred to a separate Database (or separate document if it is in the form of paper), stored for a particular period of time according to the internal policy and other relevant laws and regulations, and discarded once its purpose has been fulfilled. The information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for other purposes unless held by law.
  • ο Destruction method
    Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is discarded using a technical method that makes the record unrestorable.
[Providing Personal Information]

In principle, ACN does not provide users’ personal information to its third party service providers and processors. However, the following circumstances are exceptions.

  • - If users have agreed in advance
  • - Under the provisions of the law, or when requested by investigation agencies for the purpose of investigation in accordance with the procedures and methods specified in the law.
[Consignment of Collected Personal Information]

For the fulfillment of financial services, third party service provider is being entrusted.

  • ο Trustee: KCP
  • ο Consignment service: Cyber payment agent
  • ο It will be notified in advance if your personal information needs to be consigned.
[Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and its Coverage]
Users and legal representatives may at any time, view or modify their personal information or that of children under the age of 14, and may request for termination of registration. In order to view or modify one’s personal information, click “change personal information” (or “change member’s information”). In order to terminate registration (withdraw a motion), click “Withdraw membership”, and after the identification process, you can directly view, correct, or terminate your account. You can also contact the person in charge of personal information management via phone or email, and we will take an action accordingly without delay. If you request correction of errors in your personal information, we will not use or provide the information until the correction is completed. If the incorrect information has already been passed on to a third party, we will promptly notify the third party of the correction process and make the amendment. ACN will deal with personal information terminated or deleted by users or legal representatives as stated by the “period of retention and use of personal information collected by ACN”, and make sure it cannot be viewed or accessed for other purposes.
[Installation and Operation of Automatic Collection of Personal Information and its Rejection]

ACN operates ‘cookies’ that store and find your information. ‘Cookie’ is a small text file sent from the server to your browser and is stored in your hard disk. ACN uses ‘cookies’ for the following purposes.

  • ο Purpose of Cookie Usage
    It is used to provide targeted marketing and personalized services by analyzing the access frequency and the visiting time of members and non-members, and grasping users’ tastes, interests, traces, and extent of attending various events.
    You have the option to install cookies. Therefore, you may allow all cookies by setting an option on your browser, or you may refuse to save any cookie.

  • ο Rejection of Cookie Settings
    To reject cookies, you may set an option on your browser and allow all cookies to be saved, or check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save any cookie.
    Example (for Internet Explorer): Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
    However, there may be service limitations if you refuse to install cookies.
[Civil Service on Personal Information]

In order to protect customers’ personal information and deal with complaints regarding the information, ACN appoints the related department and the manager of personal information as below.

  • Name: YoungHo Lee
  • Position: Manager of Personal Information
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone number: 02-6100-0295

You may declare any privacy complaints that may arise while using ACN’s services to the manager of Personal Information or the department in charge. ACN will respond promptly to the users’ complaints. If you need to report or consult about other privacy infringement, please contact the following organizations.