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    Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals 2016

    2016. 6.1 ∼2017. 2. 15

    [Venue | Art Center Nabi is running a <Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals> to train creators in media art, robotics, interaction design, and digital fabrication field. The experts in the field of creating convergence contents will be matched up with the young creators to hand down their technical know-how and practical discerning eye. The creators will be participating in domestic and international exhibitions, festivals, learned societies and contests as a result, and the outstanding projects will get an opportunity for a patent application and crowdfunding offer.

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    <2016 Media Art School of Dreams>


    [Venue l Sinneung Middle School, Funny Tree Library] Art Center Nabi presents <2016 Media Art School of Dreams>, a convergence of technology and art education program for middle school students. <2016 Media Art School of Dreams> is a school out-side of school, which support students to plan, operate, and search their future career paths that allow students to experience the diverse occupations of the museum.