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    Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals


    [Venue| SKT UX HCI LAB] <Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals> is an education business which cultivates 19 mentees as creative artist, maker and entrepreneur through technology education program of Art Center Nabi and mentoring program with 10 field experts in digital art and digital fabrication.

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    <Creation Factory>

    2015.03 ~ 2015.11

    [Venue] DaeShin High School, WolGye High School, JangSeung Middle School] Art Center Nabi participates in public education with a series of art education program <Creation Factory>. This program is a part of SEA(Seoul Crative Engagement with the Arts) which is organized by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

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    <Da Vinci School: Dear My Little Da Vinci>

    2015.04.18 ~ 2015.12.12

    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] <Da Vinci School: Dear My Little Da Vinci> is an educational program associated with the exhibition Butterfly 2015, specifically designed for schoolchild and their family.