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0 title Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals 2017 date 2017.05.12
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Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals 2017

Art Center Nabi is inviting applications for the 2017 Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals to nurture competitive convergence content creators. Art Center Nabi is looking to discover talented and highly motivated candidates in the field of digital art and convergence contents-related startup companies who will participate in the convergence content creator incubating program where they will be mentored by the experts in the field.

Support: One-on-One mentoring sessions, various collective training, monthly support of 1,352,230 KRW(Pre-tax, Insurance included)
*Trainees(mentees) will sign an employment contract with the organization and participate in various fields projects during the education period.

Recruitment Field
: Those who are engaged in content creation field (aged between 19 and 34)

Number of Participants: 23 creators in total

Education Period: : 2017. 6. 1 ∼ 2018. 1. 31

Application Due: 2017.4.27-5.15 (12:00)

: Enter ( homepage, online application.

Recruitment Field:
Data Science, Information Visualization, Machine Learning, Robotics, AR/VR, IoT, Mixed Performance, Interactive Media Art, Educational Computing Module, Development of the Convergence Education Program, Convergence Design Product, etc.

Mentor List: Doo Eun Choi, Jin Wan Park, Mimi Son(Kimchi and Chips), Jeong Han Kim, Hive(Chang Min Han), Hun Kyu Park(Parpunk), Zi Won Wang, Byong Sue Kang, Byong Wol Kim, Min Gun Jung

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Touris

 KOCCA Korea Creative Content Agency
Institution Art Center NABI
Inquiry : ☎ 02-6263-0007

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