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    [Venue l Donuimun Museum Village] Art Center Nabi’s future city research project 《Sharable city》 presents a collaborative exhibition at Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism from September 2, 2017 to November 5, 2017.


    [Exhibition]COMO&HAPPY SCREEN_AUGUST 2017《Exploring》


    [Venue l COMO(SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (4th FL, SK Bldg)] Art Center Nabi is pleased to present the exhibition《Exploring》by Raven Kwok. which will provide points to imagine the ways through which humans and technology are examining each other. The exhibition presents Big Brothers Are Watching You(2014), an interactive installation that reacts to the movement of the viewers and 1194D(2013), a generative artwork examining artificial life forms.

    [Exhibition] Nabi Artist Residency 2017 : 2_gather

    2017.8.30 ~2017.9.29

    [VenueI Art Center Nabi] 《Nabi Artist Residency 2017: 2_gather》 is an exhibition to introduce the participating artist of Nabi Artist Residency 2017-Summer Session

    Robotronica2017 Why Futures Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity

    2017.08.20 ~ 2017.10.29

    [VenueㅣQUT Art Museum] Artists in this exhibition have learned to use an accessible artificial intelligence technology and developed a work that explores AI as both a creator and an amplified collaborator, which can learn by itself and works beyond the existing modes of human-machine interaction. Whilst creative applications for artificial intelligence are still in their early stages, this exhibition nevertheless raises questions about humanity in a future machine age.



    Art Center Nabi has held Global Online Hackathon about the topic ‘Can DATA enhance humanity?’ at SKT UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang). More than 50 makers from six different countries, South Korea, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Taiwan, Finland, participated in for discussing and sharing their creative ideas regarding current data issues. The Online Hackathon has proceeded during 50 hours at the online platform Zoom/Facebook Live.

  • academy

    Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals 2017

    2017.6.1 ~ 2018.1.31

    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] is inviting applications for the 2017 Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals to nurture competitive convergence content creators. Art Center Nabi is looking to discover talented and highly motivated candidates in the field of digital art and convergence contents-related startup companies who will participate in the convergence content creator incubating program where they will be mentored by the experts in the field.

    Little Da Vinci School : Nabi School for Little Da Vinci


    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] <Little Da Vinci School> is an educational program for children and families. The program is organized under the STEAM concept, an educational scheme for teaching science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts. The program aims to facilitate appreciation and creation of digital art by educating children to inquire interdisciplinary experience.