• upcoming project

    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_MAY 2016 《Learning About》

    2016.05.02 - 06.30

    [Venue | COMO (SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg)] What differentiates the future of Artificial Intelligence from other existing technologies, which makes it more promising yet scary, is the aspect of learning that it learns from information it is given. Then, how artificial intelligent ‘learn’ by itself? Art Center Nabi's 2nd 2016 COMO&HAPPY SCREEN exhibition 《Learning About》 by Sebastian Schmieg.

    Robot Theatre : B Class Robot Show


    [Venue | art center nabi] Art Center Nabi presents the exhibition <Robot Theatre> which highlights robots in the stream of integration among music, performance, installation and media arts. We are pleased to invite all of you to the stage where humanlike robots perform.


    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_MARCH 2016 《Flower》


    [Venue | COMO (SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg)] How Would AI Recognize the World? Art Center Nabi’s first COMO & HAPPY SCREEN exhibition in 2016 presents 《Flower》 by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, a work that appropriates the perspective of artificial intelligence.

    Art Center Nabi Civic Hacking Hackathon [Blackout City]

    Ideathon 3.26 Hackathon 4.22-23

    [Venue | SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] Art Center Nabi hosts a hackathon following the spirit of ‘civic hacking,’ a way of invention and active practice to work with diverse fields such as technology, art, and society to improve the city.



    [Venue | SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] In December, we would like to invite you to the Robot Party. Have fun together with whimsical robots that you've have never seen before!

    [ROBOT PARTY] Nabi Hackathon : Emotional Intelligence Robot


    [Venue | Tazak Madang] Nabi Hackathon: Emotional Intelligence Robot will be held along with Robot Party. 15 robot creators from Korea, China and Japan build robot together for 2 nights 3days. They build not only "Emotional communication Robot" together but also, a community with DIY Robot Open Source Database through common language of this era "creativity."

    《Makeable City》


    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] Art Center Nabi focuses on different attempts and practices of makers as active creators. They emerged from the trend of sharing and opening. Indeed, they change themselves and the society by themselves. As an exhibition, Makeable City is organized to convey the picture of the city as a new community created by imaginative makers.

    Nabi 1st robot prototyping


    [Venue l SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] The robot prototyping Project is a development project designed to support emotional robot development team selected through a contest. Over the three months, Each team has worked on the project to develop a emotional robot in our venue. Art Center Nabi will support in contemporary makers new forms of artistic creation and exchange values in production culture and expand together towards a Maker Culture.

    Fashion Wearable Creative Marathon <Make, Wear, Love>


    [Venue l COEX] <Make, Wear, Love> is a Hachathon, Fashion Wearable Creative Marathon, creators from various fields such as artist, designer, developer etc., gather to discuss and concretize creative ideas. Through this Hackathon, we seek not only fashion items of new trend which is produced at the convergence point of art and wearable technology, but also possibilities for new creative field.

    Nabi Hackathon H.E.ART BOT(Handcraft Electronic Art Bot)


    [Venue | artcenter nabi] H.E.ART BOT (Handcraft Electronics Art Bot) is a robotics hackathon where creators from diverse fields create robots that convey their warm heart and imagination. With the current robotics hackathon as a starting point, Art Center Nabi aims to facilitate a culture where more people create robots through easier and more accessible ways.

    ≪Butterfly 2015 : Wearable Technology Art≫


    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] 《Butterfly 2015》exhibition focuses on of wearable technology art. This exhibition presents wearable technology-based works among nabi's creative production demonstrated in 2014. Through these creative works, nabi is proud to show fashion art as a new way of communication to represent the digital age.

    Nabi Hackathon : PAN Innovation for Good


    [Venue l International Convention Center Jeju] <Nabi Hackathon: PAN Innovation for Good> is an international event to develop ideas and create solutions with participants from Korea, China, and Japan for two days. Through this upcoming Hackathon, we will be able to meet the age of harmony and collaboration.

  • academy

    <2016 Media Art School of Dreams>


    [Venue l Sinneung Middle School, Funny Tree Library] Art Center Nabi presents <2016 Media Art School of Dreams>, a convergence of technology and art education program for middle school students. <2016 Media Art School of Dreams> is a school out-side of school, which support students to plan, operate, and search their future career paths that allow students to experience the diverse occupations of the museum

    Little Da Vinci School : Nabi School for Little Da Vinci


    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] <Little Da Vinci School> is an educational program where all family members are welcome to participate. It is to provide cultural opportunities to families that they can appreciate digital arts and communicate with fellows by using digital technology and tools.

    <Creation Factory>

    2015.03 ~ 2015.11

    [Venue] DaeShin High School, WolGye High School, JangSeung Middle School] Art Center Nabi participates in public education with a series of art education program <Creation Factory>. This program is a part of SEA(Seoul Crative Engagement with the Arts) which is organized by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

    <DIY Adventures II: Physical Computing Class for PRO>

    2015.9.2 ~ 2015.10.28

    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] DIY Adventures II is an in-depth education program on physical computing, designed for those who want more comprehensive and practical education. The goal of the program is to provide the participants an opportunity to produce works that involve diverse elements such as light, sound, and temperature, using Arduino and Processing.

    Nabi Mini Maker’s Day


    [Venue l SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] Art Center Nabi is looking for families who want to participate in Nabi Mini Maker’s Day, an educational program coinciding with the exhibition Makeable City. The program is a digital art education workshop where participating families are provided with an opportunity to experiment with open-source hardware. For children, Nabi Mini Maker’s Day offers creative time in which they can freely express their imagination and draw music with DRAWDIO, a tool that turns objects into musical instruments.

    [Forum] The 5th Techno-Aesthetic Forum <L'homme machine>


    [Venue | SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] The 5th Techno-Aesthetic Forum will be held together by Art Center Nabi and Dongyang University. We would like to invite you to this in which you can hear multidisciplinary approaches on humans and robots. Presenters will be Tae Eun Kim, Soh Yeong Roh, Jung Kwon Chin and Jae Kweon Han.

    Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals


    [Venue| SKT UX HCI LAB] <Creative Mentoring Program for Young Professionals> is an education business which cultivates 19 mentees as creative artist, maker and entrepreneur through technology education program of Art Center Nabi and mentoring program with 10 field experts in digital art and digital fabrication.

    <Da Vinci School: Dear My Little Da Vinci>

    2015.04.18 ~ 2015.12.12

    [Venue l Art Center Nabi] <Da Vinci School: Dear My Little Da Vinci> is an educational program associated with the exhibition Butterfly 2015, specifically designed for schoolchild and their family.