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Period  2015.12.17 ~ 2016.01.16
Venue  Tazak Madang(SKT UX HCI LAB_#89-1 Jangchoong-str. 1, Jung-gu, Seoul)
Opening hours  weekdays 01:00pm ~ 08:00pm
                              Closed on weekend, public holidays and 12/31
Register  via Online (

[Robot Party] Website

Matters for Inquiry  Creative team,

HyunWook KANG, YoungJin KIM, YongSeung KIM, JinWoo KIM, DaeJune PARK, Eunchan PARK, 
Wonbin YANG, JaePil CHOI, team VOID, Sangwha HONG, Nabi E.I Lab, SK Telecome, Raonsquare,
Mageta Robotics, Kamibot, Robolife,
 SAI (Jisu Jung , Sion Kim, Kwan Soo Yun),
After 6pm(
ChangHoon JEON, Eunchan PARK, JinHwan OH), DFRobot(Sun Kuan, Song Weihua), 
PLEN(Atsuhiko Tomita, Kazuyuki Takase), Shanghai Makers(Xiong Zhaoping, Bao Weiyue), 
Tasko Inc.(Masataka KIMURA, Yousuke ODA, Ryoichi Sakata), WM(Michelle
 JJ Park
Wonbin YANG)

SK Telecom, The Creative Center for Convergence Culture,
Raonsquare, Robolife, Magenta Robotics, Kamibot, Robot-sori

SAB Miller Brand Korea

Art Center Nabi invites you to the Robot Party mingling with People, Art and Robots.
'ROBOT PARTY' is a convergence festival which people could have emotional experiences with robots from various fields such as art, technology and industry. Since last 15 years, Art Center Nabi has been focused on convergence of arts and technology. Under the theme of 'Emotional Intelligence', we want to invite you to the party composed of exhibition, international robot hackathon and performance.
Including self-produced robots of E.I. Lab of Art Center Nabi, emotional robots created by artists and engineers, ROBOT PARTY contains maker movement in Northeast Asia (Korea, Japan, and China), music and performance. More than 50 robots will soothe your mind, and you will find they are uncannily look similar to your presence.
Art Center Nabi hopes to suggest a new role of robot as a ‘mediation of emotional communication’ which fills in the emptiness and comports for loneliness of human, and asks the possibility of the robot not as an industrial result of technological integration, but of emotional communication between machine and human being.<o:p></o:p>


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