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0 title [ROBOT PARTY] Nabi Hackathon : Emotional Intelligence Robot date 2015.12.07
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Korea China Japan International Hackathon
Nabi Hackathon : Emotional Intelligence Robot

Dec. 15th, 2015 ~ Dec. 17th, 2015
Tazak Madang (SKT UX HCI LAB _#89-1 Jangchoong-str. 1, Jung-gu, Seoul)


After 6pm(Jun Chang Hoon, Park Eun Chan, Oh Jin Hwan), DFRobot(Sun Kuan, Song Weihua),
PLEN(Atsuhiko Tomita, Kazuyuki Takase),
Shanghai Makers(Xiong Zhaoping, Bao Weiyue),
Tasko Inc.(Masataka KIMURA, Yousuke ODA, Ryoichi Sakata),
WM(Won Bin Yang, Michelle JJ Park)

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 Creative team,   

N.H:E.I.R (Nabi Hackathon: Emotional Intelligence Robot) is the 7<sup>th</sup> Hackathon of Art Center Nabi with the theme of Emotional Intelligence Robot and runs with creators from Korea, China and Japan. 

Development of  robot technology has two mainstreams which are A.I (Artificial Intelligence) and M.I (Mechanical Intelligence). These are intensively focused on robotics itself and exclude humanity. Naturally, this trend will lead a concern that enslaving of human by robot like Big brother or Terminator. Art Center Nabi, studying about human and technology for 15years, realizes a human centered attitude is a crucial in any kind of technology development. Therefore, Art Center Nabi claims E.I (Emotional Intelligence) is the one we really should focus on for the near future which human and robot will share the life together.

We defines Emotional Intelligence is an attitude, a direction and philosophy toward human in robotics. We want to talk about humanity through robotics. When conventional study of robotics is focused on a robot itself, someone must think about a human emotion through the robot in order to make a  balance in development of robot technology. Indeed, art is the one who studying about human and emotion sincerely than anybody else. Thus, idea and creativity based on art could give not only an inspiration to robotics that developing rapidly without humanity but also, be an opportunity to reawake the fundamental of technology is not just developing but the purpose.

Nabi Hackathon will make E.I robots with creators from Korea, China and Japan. Also, Nabi will share the process and technology from every robot projects as an open source. Through it, Nabi will build a DIY Robot open source database specialized in E.I and global E.I robot community with Hackathon participants.  

Clearly, core value of N.H:E.I.R is not for a competition but cumulating E.I knowledge and composing international E.I community.
Eventually, we could lead robotics toward human centered attitude along with art.


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