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    Nabi Artist Residency 2016


    [Venue | Art Center Nabi] This year, Art Center Nabi operates the first international residency program. Nabi Artist Residency 2016 is operated with V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media.

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    Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity


    [Venue | Art Center Nabi] Art Center Nabi presents the exhibition <Why Future Still needs Us: AI and Humanity>. The artworks based on Artificial Intelligence are examining not only the meaning of ‘humanity’ like creativity, cognition, and emotion but also the relationship between humans and machine.

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    2016.12.01.- 2016.12.04

    [Venue | COEX B Hall] <Global AI Hackathon> is an International hackathon to develop ideas and create the prototype with participants from Korea, US, UK and HongKong etc for four days. Through this upcoming Hackathon, we will be able to explore the Artificial Intelligence for Social Care.

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    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_SEPTEMBER 2016 《Where We Stand》


    Through Which Way Do We See the World and Understand It? Art Center Nabi's 4th 2016 COMO&HAPPY SCREEN exhibition 《Where We Stnad》 by Sung Rok Choi. In this exhibition, introduces 〈Scroll Down Journey〉(2015) and 〈A Man with a Flying Camera〉(2015). The two works present an imaginary map with spatial images collected by a drone and lead the viewers to have a perspective on the space in the real world.

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    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_MAY 2016 《Learning About》

    2016.05.02 - 06.30

    [Venue | COMO (SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg)] What differentiates the future of Artificial Intelligence from other existing technologies, which makes it more promising yet scary, is the aspect of learning that it learns from information it is given. Then, how artificial intelligent ‘learn’ by itself? Art Center Nabi's 2nd 2016 COMO&HAPPY SCREEN exhibition 《Learning About》 by Sebastian Schmieg.

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    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_JULY 2016 《Role Playing》

    2016. 07. 01 - 08. 31

    [Venue | COMO (SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg)] What role do we anticipate advanced technology will have on us in the future? Art Center Nabi's 3rd 2016 COMO&HAPPY SCREEN exhibition 《Role Playing》 by @hardmaru. Visitors to the exhibition will encounter artificial intelligence projects that think through and develop themselves upon their roles and methods of development, coordinating themselves to the pace, perspectives, and habits of humans.

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    Art Center Nabi Civic Hacking Hackathon [Blackout City]

    Ideathon 3.26 Hackathon 4.22-23

    [Venue | SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] Art Center Nabi hosts a hackathon following the spirit of ‘civic hacking,’ a way of invention and active practice to work with diverse fields such as technology, art, and society to improve the city.

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    Robot Theatre : B Class Robot Show


    [Venue | art center nabi] Art Center Nabi presents the exhibition <Robot Theatre> which highlights robots in the stream of integration among music, performance, installation and media arts. We are pleased to invite all of you to the stage where humanlike robots perform.

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    [ROBOT PARTY] Nabi Hackathon : Emotional Intelligence Robot


    [Venue | Tazak Madang] Nabi Hackathon: Emotional Intelligence Robot will be held along with Robot Party. 15 robot creators from Korea, China and Japan build robot together for 2 nights 3days. They build not only "Emotional communication Robot" together but also, a community with DIY Robot Open Source Database through common language of this era "creativity."

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    COMO & HAPPY SCREEN_MARCH 2016 《Flower》


    [Venue | COMO (SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg)] How Would AI Recognize the World? Art Center Nabi’s first COMO & HAPPY SCREEN exhibition in 2016 presents 《Flower》 by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, a work that appropriates the perspective of artificial intelligence.

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    《 P.O.S.T Hackathon 2016 》

    2016. 11. 1 ~ 2016. 11. 7

    [Venue l Tazak madang,Seoul Innovation Park,DDP] POST HACKATHON is a development marathon that runs two nights and three days. It takes the theme of “Prototyping of Sharing Eco City with Technology” and invites professionals from urban development and architecture, makers, and creators to generate ideas on urban and ecological issues.

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    [Venue | SKT UX/HCI Lab (Tazak Madang)] In December, we would like to invite you to the Robot Party. Have fun together with whimsical robots that you've have never seen before!

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    Nabi Hackathon H.E.ART BOT(Handcraft Electronic Art Bot)


    [Venue | artcenter nabi] H.E.ART BOT (Handcraft Electronics Art Bot) is a robotics hackathon where creators from diverse fields create robots that convey their warm heart and imagination. With the current robotics hackathon as a starting point, Art Center Nabi aims to facilitate a culture where more people create robots through easier and more accessible ways.

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    Butterfly Effect: Korea-Spain(Barcelona) Connection 2015

    2015. 10. 6.

    Butterfly Effect: Korea-Spain(Barcelona) Connection 2015 is an international cultural exchange event where technology-based artists from Korea and Spain(Barcelona) share and exchange their ideas. By hosting Butterfly Effect, Art Center Nabi hopes to facilitate connections between artists, which will expand the artistic and cultural exchange between Korea and Spain.