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    [Residency] Nabi Artist Residency 2017

    2017. 07. 03 ~ 2017. 09 .06

    [VenueㅣSK UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang)] Art Center Nabi operates a global residency program for media artists. Following previous year, Nabi Artist Residency provides the platform that communicates and experiments at the intersection of art and technology with talented artists based on diverse cultural background.

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    Art Center Nabi has held Global Online Hackathon about the topic ‘Can DATA enhance humanity?’ at SKT UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang). More than 50 makers from six different countries, South Korea, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Taiwan, Finland, participated in for discussing and sharing their creative ideas regarding current data issues. The Online Hackathon has proceeded during 50 hours at the online platform Zoom/Facebook Live.

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    Danwon Art Museum 'Tinged with Light and Sound'

    2017.07.08 - 08.22

    The first media art exhibition at Danwon Art Museum, based on light and sound, 10 artists and Art Center Nabi E.I.Lab display their artworks.

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    [Exhibition] COMO&HAPPY SCREEN_JUNE 2017 《Unseen City》


    [Venue l COMO(SKT-tower, Daejeon SKT), HAPPY SCREEN (4th FL, SK Bldg)] Art Center Nabi is pleased to present the exhibition《Unseen City》by Dirk Koy. The exhibition introduces《Zurich 2.0》, an immersive installation composed of 360° video and VR experience where the physical city in reality is reconstructed in the virtual space as a fragmented and fluid space.