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0 title Lee Lee-Nam 《Les Peintures Vivantes》 date 2011.10.03
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Art center Nabi exhibit solo exhibition of media artist, Lee Lee-Nam, who is regarded as the second Nam-June paik. His ‘digital masterpiece’ shows the successful possibility of popularity and media art as a warm art through the power of technology and borrowing strategy, he revives masterpieces in digital surroundings. This exhibition focuses on his now and shows video art and installation. It provides a chance to experience his creative way of distribution that suggests the appreciation and accessible environment through multiple instruments of digital devices such as smart TV, smart phone, and tablet PC. The exhibition 《The Masterpieces are alive》 in Art Center Nabi would give the special time to feel his digital esthetics through digital remediation of eastern and western masterpieces, new creation of art market distribution and many of his creative thoughts.

Dates October 05, 2011 ? November 04
Venue Art Center Nabi (99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, 1F Lobby)
Time 11:00 a.m~7:00 p.m
Exhibition Tours every Tuesday, Thursday
Starts at 12:30
Entrance Free
Organized by? Art Center Nabi

Conversation between Monet and Sochi_2008 2-channel Video/ 11min 31 sec

Master Landscape artists from East and West come across and look at each other.
Impression, Sunrise by Jean Claude Monet and Autumn scene landscape by Sochi Heo Ryeon are designed to create movement in conversation between Monet and Sochi by Lee Lee-mam.

New-Geumgangjeondo_2009 single channel video/7min 10sec

Geumgang jeondo(the landscape of Diamonds Mountains), which was originally painted in 1734 has been changed and recreated by the artist Lee Lee-nam. Modern city constructed under the cover of night illuminates an image of the future in the artist’s mind. All of sudden, helicopters and combat planes fly in the dark sky above Mt. Geumgang. Discord between the old painting and an icon of civilization implies inevitable unrest and emerging crisis from an advanced society.

Mukjukdo(Bamboo in a Korea ink)_2010 Single channel Video(LED TV)/4min 30sec

Lee Lee-Nam animated Mukjukdo, which was painted nearly 200 years ago, using the digital image technique. When the snow is falling, the boughs of the bamboo are weighed down with snow. The snow gradually melts. The film repeats again. Over calm and silent time, between the screens, two spaces meet each other.

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