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0 title Art Center Nabi production 〈THE LAST WALL〉 date 2011.10.03
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For the past 10 years, Art Center Nabi has presented various experimental performances with Media Art; communicating with diverse audiences through Liquid Space(2003), Nabi Theater Series(2003-4), alt_sound Series(2005), Radio Festival Epsilonia(2006), P.Art.y(2007), New Theater Series(2009), Come Join Us, Mr. Orwell!(2009), Banquet Interactif(2010), Incheon International Digital Art Festival(2010). In 2011, Art Center Nabi presents the first performance of project 2020: 〈THE LAST WALL〉 by choreographer Yun Jung Kim. 〈THE LAST WALL〉 is a total theater production that combines contemporary dance, theater, and media art. This production will premiere in October at the 2011 Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), and is also scheduled to perform in January 2012 as the Opening Performance of Temps d’Image Festival in Dusseldorf Germany.

TITLE                  THE LAST WALL
DATE&TIME       October 15 (19:00) ~ 16 (13:00, 19:00)
VENUE               Daehangno Theater Main Hall
DURATION        60 min
TICKET               R-seat 40,000 won, S-seat 30,000 won
CONTACT          02-6100-0311

About the Production

THE LAST WALL is a performance about the wall, thus communication.
Two actors lead the story, and six dancers extend their inner conflicts by expressing the story through various movements. The woman is a writer, and the man is a character within the woman’s story. The writer falls in love with the character that she created, but ultimately comes to a dead end and tries to erase her work. The man becomes precarious. In order to survive he persuades the woman, but the woman still tries to erase her work. Nevertheless the woman realizes that the existence of the wall is due to herself; and not the man she created or any other reason visible to the eye.
Not only a physical wall but also a psychological wall clearly exists. But the wall placed in front of us is actually something that we cannot control on our own, a wall of human nature; a wall within me. What we are trying to say is that in an instant, a wall can become a door, a window, a bridge that we cross over to meet someone, or a chair that we borrow to briefly sit down.
Through various movements and texts on stage, this performance asks how the walls of the world can be resolved by communication. Art from various genres will become entangled once again into a state that is beyond the recreation and reinterpretation of different languages, and the audience will get a chance to think about the meaning of the wall and communication. Although the question may seem somewhat heavy, an exciting scene of dance and play is presented.


Producer                                Soh Yeong Roh
Director•Choreographer     Yun Jung Kim

Cast                  [Actor] Ho Jung Kim, Geoffrey Armour
                           [Dancer] Jong Gi Kim, Jang Hyun Ryu, Sang Mi Park, Ju Ryung Jung, Hyung Joon Jo, Ho Yeon Kim

Script                              Kyung Hwa Ji
Assistant Director        Ziyea Hyun
Media Art                        Tae-eun Kim
Music                              Young-gyu Jang
Stage Design                Yoon Soo Lee
Costumes                      Hojin Jeong, Minji Lee
Lighting Design            Ho Shin
Stage Manager             Won Wook Chun

About the Director•Choreographer

After completing her Graduate studies at Ewha Women’s University, Yun Jung Kim received her degree from the Arheim Art School in dance choreography. Yun Jung Kim has had various experiences with world class choreographers and dance companies, and after founding the YJK Dance Project in 2000 she was selected for the Young Choreographer Foreign Scholarship by kunststiftung NRW and received training in the Suzuki method and viewpoint at New York Skidmore college.
Her choreography, which does not get caught up in the trend and clearly expresses what she wants to say within her language of dance, has been invited to various festivals around the world and has received reviews from critics for her unique narratives and characters. Moreover, she is a choreographer that freely employs gestures, expressions, sounds and dramatic movements, unlikely to be seen in the Korean modern dance scene. Yun Jung Kim’s dynamic choreography work continues forth with this year’s new production 〈THE LAST WALL〉.

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