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0 title 《data Currency: C》 date 2011.10.31
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Most people define ‘truth’ based on their personal experience and perceptions. So when something contradicting their belief occurs, they look for evidences to convince themselves that all is well. They focus on what their eyes can see because “seeing is believing.” Modern day individuals find information in visual impressions and reconstruct their experiences based on the discovered visual facts. So then how do we grasp the true nature or power of what we can’t see? An individual, a family, a city, a country and even the earth – everything about everyone can be translated into statistics and tabulated. But such definite form of expression in numbers further mystifies reality and people find it hard to emphasize with rows of silent numbers. We no longer evaluate information based on its accuracy – its value is in creating a new meaning. For statistical information to have a new meaning, it needs the situation in which the information is found, the relationship with other information and a possibility of reconstruction in the said relationship, and so on. The field of data visualization is born out of such need for collecting and analyzing data as infinite as the stars.     
Always in step with the changing social trends, COMO presents 《data Currency: C》 by randomwalks, an exhibition of data visualization that attempts to change public awareness of how data is produced and consumed, and even bring on social changes as a result. 《data Currency: C》 is one of randomwalk’s 2011 projects, which demonstrates how ordinary networking activity is translated into power that drives a knitting machine to work through workshops, installation and visual works. 《data Currency: C》 is the first video series of randomwalks, and this COMO exhibition is the third exhibition for this project. 《data Currency: C》 shines a light on the mundane activities of everyday occurrences, and the potential power and meaning they can behold. We hope to reveal the fading potentials of data through this exhibition.

Venue COMO (Exit gate no.4 of Euljiro subway station SKT-tower, Exit gate no.3 of Tanbang subway station Daejeon SKT Dunsan Office)
Time  8:30a.m~7:00p.m, closed on weekends and national holidays
Entrance Free
Organized by Art Center Nabi, SK Telecom
Artist  randomwalks
Curator Art Center Nabi Creative Team
Coordinator Hyunjung Woo, SunKyung Kim
Video Editing Hyojun Park
Video Screening Youngho Lee

〈data Currency: Roots〉, 2011, 53,000 x 1,000 mm, single channels Video, 2’59”

“How can we define values of our network actions in everyday?” We do facebook, twitter, email, google search and uploading/downloading digital files in a network environment every single day. It also means that we are producing and consuming data in every single minute. Due to our network actions, some data would be given more value than others, and some others would be underestimated or disappeared easily without notice. And some information would stand out than others, some others would be not very used often.  Data Currency is a visualization system that reveals our network actions in terms of network laboring. In other words, facebooking, twitting, and googling could be considered as ‘labors’ in a network environment.  This physical and visual installation turns our  google searching actions into labors through the computing knitting system. Every single search visitors would make will run the knitting machine as much as the value of searched keyword. Therefore, at the end of this exhibition, visitors will able to see the knit made by users and data values. - In the artist statement

〈data Currency: Sketch map 1〉, 2011, 5,300 x 3,200mm, Single Channel Video, 2’53”

〈data Currency: Sketch map 1〉  unravels the social process of producing data in our ordinary lives. It also shows us the moment of the data’s birth in practical route and entire course of action until it becomes strength. As the development of wireless networking progresses, we produce vast amount of real time data, and share them too. Such vigorous online activity is what solidifies the cultural strength of SNS media and search portals, and hold up their economical profit structure. But as a society, we are not fully aware that data can function this way. randomwalks attempts to illustrate this aspect of data by linking data sending-receiving to a knitting machine. 

〈data Currency: Active engine〉, 2011, Ceiling 30,300 x 1,280mm, Pillar(4ea) 1,024 x 6,144mm, Single Channel Video, 2’59”

〈data Currency: Active engine〉 The knitting machine shown in the film visualizes last part of a process, within which the value of data rising from a fictional scenario is converted into physical strength. The invisible yet never ending production-consumption cycle of data is translated into flowing ribbons of yarn. The image of a machine so flawlessly weaving the yarns signify the process of cooperation and combined effort, and this piece evokes the question of where our hard-earned fruits of labour are headed. 

〈randomwalks’s Profile〉

randomwalks is a multi-disciplinary interactive media studio, which is in dealing with live data sets in various media formats. randomwalks is reimagining how humans relate to technologies, to societies and cities, and to environments. Combining elements of environmentology, visual art, programming and storytelling, their projects range from building a real time interactive information graphics system for a music club(2007) to a physical system of visualizing network actions (2011). They also worked on developing ocean pollution cleaning system, especially oil spills effects to our lives and ecology. Their projects have been shown at Art Center in Seoul, Lift conference experience, and have appeared on CNN Asia, Lift09, and

Sey Min is a multi-disciplinary interactive designer, who's interest is in dealing with live data sets in various media formats. She worked on developing ocean pollution cleaning system, especially oil spills effects to our lives and ecology. Recently, she has worked on the project of 'how to define the city' with health data. She is the founder and organizer of, which is half profit/none-profit media art studio in Korea. Her art works have been shown at TED 2011, Art Center in Seoul, Lift conference experience, and have appeared on CNN Asia, Lift09, and She is now TED 2011 fellow.

Sunghun Kim Graduated Korean National University of Arts, majored in media arts in New York University ITP (interactive Telecommunication Program). He is working as a media artist, a member of randomwalks (media artist group) and WALKMATE (public art group) and teaches media art at various universities.

Kyungmin Kim is a visual designer/artist and works on bringing out the innermost feelings into a surreal world, visualizing fragments of emotions as a crash of images on the border of 4D media art and commercial (advertising) design. She was the production director of Art Center NABI, the media director of Seoul Living Design Fair, and currently working as the media director for creators since 2010. 

〈Artist Talk〉

Date  Nov 29th 2011
Time 7:00p.m~8:30p.m
Venue 4th fl., SKT Bldg. (Exit gate no.4 of Euljiro subway station SKT-tower,
Registration By email/

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