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0 title 《Christmas For All》 date 2011.11.30
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Cardinal Stephen Kim Soo-hwan sent a congratulatory message on Christmas, 1973, “I wish Christ’s Peace and Reconciliation to all the people in this country.”  Let’s think about the expression ‘all the people’ in it. Christmas is not just an anniversary of specific religion. Rather, it is the fest day to send the Love and Peace of Christ. Great or small, young or old, rich or poor, what all need is the warmth of human in this cold winter season.
December COMO presents “Christmas for All” to share the Love and Peace with you. Time passes by so quickly. Now we are in the end of the year, the season of snow. How many New Year’s resolutions have you achieved? While leaving them behind us, now, it’s the time to make new resolutions for 2012. The works of Lee Lee-nam present the change of seasons in his “living masterpieces”. “Christmas for All” presents his 4 works. IN THE CAR_Christmas for Channel 1 is Lee’s Christmas message to all visitors of COMO. You can find the stars such as Audrey Hepburn who was even more beautiful in her old days with her charity, Orprah Winfrey, who overcame many obstacles in her life and other heroes such as Shrek and Batman in Santa Claus. Those stars in IN THE CAR_Christmas have in common who have brought you dream and fantasy. How much have we brought hope and dream to people around you this year? How much love and happiness have you shared with them? Let’s look back on 2011.
COMO wishes you happy Christmas and happy New Year!

Venue COMO (Exit gate no.4 of Euljiro subway station SKT-tower,
                           Exit gate no.3 of Tanbang subway station Daejeon SKT Dunsan Office)
Time 8:30a.m~7:00p.m, closed on weekends and national holidays
Entrance Free
Organized by Art Center Nabi, SK Telecom
Artist Lee Lee-nam
Curator Art Center Nabi Creative Team
Coordinator Hyunjung Woo
Video Editing Hyojun Park
Video Screening Youngho Lee

〈IN THE CAR_CHRISTMAS〉, 2010, 53,000 x 1,000 mm, Single Channels Video, 4’30”

I want to make audience stay in front of my work.
Paintings or sculptures are not moving. However, media art is moving.
So the movement makes the spectators’ heart move.
I want to show the world beyond reality.
I borrow from the familiar icon and image from popular cultures such as stars
to express the special holiday.
My work is not to destroy of the original image but to create new one.

- From Lee’s artist note

〈Gyeomjae Jeongseon and Cezanne〉, 2010, 5,300 x 3,200mm, Single Channel Video, 4’20”

Gyeomjae Jeongseon and Cezanne is based on the 〈Janganyeonwol〉 of Jeong, painted in 1741 and Mont Sainte-Victoire by Cezanne, 1904. When it rained over Gyeomjae’s painting, the landscape of Cezanne appeared over it. Then, snow fell on Mont Sainte-Victoire. All the landscape became white, and then it turned into the landscape of Gyeomjae. 

〈Travelers Amid Mountains and Streams〉, 2010, Ceiling 30,300 x 1,280mm, Pillar(4ea) 1,024 x 6,144mm, Single Channel Video, 6’30”

Traveler’s Amid Mountains and Streams remade Fan Kuan's masterpiece known as ‘Monumental Landscape’. The original work of Fan represents awe-inspiring landscape. Lee added several hills in it and turned into more majestic image of Nature. Furthermore, the dramatic change of four seasons in it would remind you of the regularities of nature

Artist Profile

Born in 1969 in Damyang, Korea, Lee Lee-Nam graduated from Chosun University, majoring in sculpture and afterwards completed his master's studies in Yonsei University in 2005. He has shown his works in many exhibitions including "Seoul International Media Art Biennale" (2006, Seoul); “Six Sense Massage (2011, Seoul). He also held a solo exhibition "Myth Inside Monitor - Lee Lee-Nam" at Metaphysical Art Gallery (2008, Taipei), Hakgojae(2009, Seoul) and so on.

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