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0 title 《Open Creativity, Open World》 date 2013.11.01
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Venue  3F Coex Hall D Lobby
Date  2013.10.17~10.18(For 2 Days)
Entrance  Free
Hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Republic of Korea, KOREA FOUNDATION
Organized by art center nabi
Artists NamJune Paik, Bang&Lee + TaiYun Kim, JaYoung Chung, , JiHoon Byun + Won Koh, Kimchi and Chips, LeeNam Lee, Randomwalks

General Director SohYeong Roh
Curators EunJung Park, YongMin Kim, JaeWon Choi, SiWoo Kim
Coordinators MiKyo Kim, YoonSeo Kim, OhAh Hyun
Technical Directors YoungHo Lee, YeongHwan Kim
Producers KyungJun Song, Scully Ahn, JinSu Yun
Exhibition Administration SukJin Ryoo, YongMin Chi

  Cyberspace is a compound word with ‘cyber network’ which means ‘to automatically control with computer’ and ‘space’. With the commercial availability of the computer, the world began networking and expanded into the open space of the internet. The vast development of digital technology within the economy, education, art, culture, and politics, opened a new cyber world for these various fields. As such the production, distribution, and consumption of data and information, as well as institutions, personal identity, values, and lifestyles underwent major changes. The exhibition Open Creativity, Open World organized in conjunction with Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013 is a presentation of a new creative art world on the basis of open communication, distribution, and participation.

  Furthermore, this exhibition introduces works by leading Korean media artists who are pioneering the trends of art for global prosperity and digital culture in Korea. The video art work M200, a wall studded with 86 TV monitors, created by the father of video art NamJune Paik, features sound and video footages both appropriated by Paik. This work of art demonstrates a major shift in the age of mass communication from ‘listening music’ to ‘watching music’. Kimchi and Chips shows the organic relationship between nature and technology through its work Lit Tree, while HYBE presents the media canvas IRIS using darkness and imitation of the eye movement in order to create images. Also, Won Koh, who elicits audience participation with his combination of poetry and media art, JiHoon Byun, exhibits Jung Shin Byung, and JaYoung Chung, who takes a holistic approach to art by incorporating the spirit of Korea into Kayageum performance, unveils 12 Hyun (“12 string”). The duo Bang & Lee’s FRIENDSHIP IS UNIVERSAL is an interactive light installation that reflects data collected from Twitter and sends the message about friendship, a sentiment common to us all. A leader in the genre of data visualization, the group Randomwalks also joins this exhibition with their flowing data ecosystems design, aiming to induce social awareness and action. LeeNam Lee, who is well-known for video art projects that combine celebrated paintings of the East and West, with animation, displays an eight panel folding screens. By using QR code, the work offers a ubiquitous means of appreciation through mobile devices.

  As such, cyberspace, in the digital age, is an open window that is part of our lives. It is no longer a mythical, virtual space. Rather, it is an extension of reality that emphasizes proactive and creative visualization. In other words, art that embraces such technology will be increasingly emphasized in the future. At Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013, these Korean artists who are leaders in both media art as well as information and communications technology, will pose new questions and expand the dialogue to include a positive environment for cyberspace and the value of global prosperity.

NamJune Paik | <m200></m200>| 330x960x50cm | CRT monitor 86 | 1991

Bang&Lee + TaiYun Kim | FRIENDSHIP IS UNIVERSAL | dimensions variable | interactive light installation_monitor, computer-generated, text, metal, aluminum, mixed-media | 2013

Randomwalks | Protei_Oil Spill Map | processing, JAVA script | 2013

LeeNam Lee | Traditional Painting- Happiness | 630x220x90cm | media installation | 2013

Kimchi and Chips | Lit Tree | dimensions variable | interactive installation | 2011

HYBE | IRIS | 246.5x207.5cm | VA transmissive monochrome LCD, custom designed arduino control board, kinetic | 2012

JaYoung Chung | 12 strings | 700x36x300(h)cm | Kayageum, audio visual programming language, Galaxy Tab | 2013

JiHoon Byun + Won Koh | Jung Shin Byung | dimensions variable | interactive installation | 2008

〈Artist Profile〉

  NamJune Paik
  NamJune Paik who stated that “The cathode ray tube will replace the canvas” foresaw the change in art and industry, along with the change in the technical environment, and its impact on society. Therefore, NamJjune Paik who handled media and technology as the main theme and medium for his work, is considered the pioneer of media art. An example of his ingenuity is Good Morning Mr. Orwell in 1984 is documented as the world’s first performance art work that utilized satellite transmission.

  Bang & Lee (JaYoung Bang & YunJun Lee)
  Bang & Lee is a two person collective of JaYoung Bang and YunJun Lee, whose work consists of installation projects based on new media, design and research. They create experimental work utilizing various media such as interactive media accompanied by performances and kinetic light sculpture with sound and movement. They have participated in many exhibitions and projects including Karlsruhe ZKM Media Art Center in Germany, Sevilla Biennale in Spain, NamJune Paik Art Center, Media City Seoul, and Bristol WaterShed in the United Kingdom.
  TaiYun Kim
  TaiYun Kim, a media artist and programmer, participated as a collaborator for this work of art FRIENDSHIP IS UNIVERSAL. He is interested in new media data circulation, and creates data-based works. He currently collaborates with HanKil Ryu, and JiHyun Yoon as members of a Team Plan B, while participating in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon’s residency program.

  Randomwalks(Representative/ Sey Min)
  Randomwalks is a creative studio that develops data format planning, and storytelling. Randomwalks reimages how humans relate to technology, society and cities and the environment. Combining elements of environmentalism, visual art, programming and storytelling, their projects range from building a real time interactive information graphics system for a music club(2007), to a physical system of visualizing net work actions(2011). The team also worked on developing ocean pollution cleaning system, especially oil spills, which effect human lives and the environment. Their projects have been shown at Art Center in Seoul, Lift conference Experience, and have appeared on CNN Asia, Lift Conference, and Randomwalks’ most recently project, which visualizes data usage changes before and after (the) smartphone, was presented at Yeosu Expo 2012.

  Lee Nam Lee
  LeeNam Lee reinterprets the classic art works through digital media, and experiments with the potential of new media through the general public. The artist attempts to create connections between severed time and space such as reality joined with virtual reality, east and west, the past and present. Lee is an internationally active artist, whose work Mukjukdo is permanently installed at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York City.

  Kimchi and Chips(MiMi Son, Elliot Woods)
  Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul and London based art and design studio founded by Elliot Woods(UK) and MiMi Son(South Korea). They are known for developing novel interactions involving people and media materials, discovering new technical and artistic paradigms. In 2009, they forces to combine the disciplines of code, form, material, concept and mechanism. They have created installations and dialogues, which have been exhibited on four continents. They create an emulsion of imagined reality within our physical world, in order to develop natural interactions between people, nature and the possibilities of the digital network.

  HYBE(ChangMin Han, SunWoong Ryu)
  HYBE, the project of ChangMin Han and SunWoong Ryu, aims to create fused formed space in order to create new experimentation with actual usage,. HYBE has participated in many exhibitions, including Artificial Garden in the Seoul Museum of Art, Life, A User’s Manual at Culture Station Seoul 284, and Spell on You at Seoul International Media Art Biennale.

  JaYoung Chung
  JaYoung Chung, a visual artist, who is interested in Kayageum aims to create intermedia art. She has exhibited in various shows and performed in many galleries and concert halls in New York and Korea, and has participating in notable residency programs such as LMCC, Yaddo, Watermill, I-Park in the United States. She is currently in New York using nature as motif to create interactive sound works.

  JiHoon Byun + Won Koh
  Concrete Poet Won Koh published a book of poetry called Mi-um ㅁ Inside ㅇ I-ung(Thaehaksa 2002) as well as a book called Film, Fiction, or Psychoanalytic Writing(Seoul National University Press 2002) and is currently a professor in the college of Humanities in Seoul National University. Media Artist Jihoon Byun who uses programming languages to create his works has been introduced in MAAP(Singapore 2004), Experimenta Vanishing Point(Australia 2005), National Review of Live Art (UK 2006) and is currently a professor at KAIST Graduate School of Cultural Technology.

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