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Korea China Japan creator's Hackathon
Nabi Hackathon : PAN Innovation for Good

Nov. 20th(Thu) - 21st(Fri), 2014
TAMNA Hall, International Convention Center Jeju

'Hackathon,' the portmanteau word combining 'hack' and 'marathon,' is an event where creators collaborate intensively on projects for a limited time and exchange a positive stimulus. 〈Nabi Hackathon〉is a project that creators from various fields such as artist, designer, developer, engineer, architecture, etc., gather to discuss and concretize creative ideas, accentuating Hackathon's value -'sharing and collaboration.'

〈Nabi Hackathon: PAN Innovation for Good〉is an international event to develop ideas and create solutions with participants from Korea, China, and Japan for two days. Through this upcoming Hackathon, we will be able to meet the age of harmony and collaboration. It will help us embrace technologies and spirits to fulfill the unique values of the East. 〈Nabi Hackathon: PAN Innovation for Good〉 will be the opening stage, gathering people together in order to bring innovations from Asia.

We would like to invite our dear friends who believe in the power of innovation to PAN 2014, scheduled to be held in Jeju in November. 

Hackathon Participants

Dahye Yoo, Haruka Furuya, Hyogeun Song, Hyun Park, Jaehyuck Bea, Jaepil Choi, Jihyun Yoon, Jiwoong Shin,
John Smith, Junbong Song, Junfeng Ding, Jungun Kim, Kamm Kai Yu, Lulu Li, Mutsuaki Oono, Riyoo Kim,
Sangcheol Lee, Shen Siyang, Shih Wei Chieh, Taegyun Kim, Tai Doishita, Taiyun Kim, Tamaki Takeuchi, Yujang Oh, Yuki Yoshioka, Yunlin Yu

Exhibition Artists
Bang&Lee(Jayoung Bang, Yunjun Lee), Plan B(Taiyun Kim, Jihyun Yoon), Jayoung Chung, team VOID(Junbong Song, Jaehyuck Bae), Hyun Park

Partners  PAN 2014   SEBASI
Supporters  SK Planet   The Japan Foundation, Seoul

SiWoo Kim   EunJung Park
SoEun Kim   Hyein Jeon   SuJeong Heo
Administration YongMin Chi   SeongYong Park
Technical Directors
YeongHwan Kim   YoungHo Lee
KyungJun Song   Jeongeun Ahn   JiHye Kong

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