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0 title [Exhibition]Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity date 2016.11.18
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Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity

- Host Art Center Nabi
- Director  Soh Yeong Roh
- Cheif Curator  DooEun Choi  
- Curator  YeaJin Song, SeongEun An, HyeIn Jeon, YoungKak Cho
- Coordinator  JiEun Park, SoYoung Choi
- Promotion  YeaJin Song, HyeIn Jeon
- Design  JungEun Oh, HyunJu Jung
- Photograph and Video  JiHye Kong, YuRi Byun
- Technical Supportor  YoungHo Lee, YeongHwan Kim
- Sponsor  Sindoh
- Inquiry Creative Team 02-2121-1031

01 Exhibiiton  
■ Exhibition Venue : Art Center Nabi (SK Building 4F, 99 Seorin-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea), COMO
■ Opening Hours : 11:00am ~ 06:00pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays
■ Enterance Fee : Free
■ Participated Artists :   
Harshit AGRAWAL(India), Jean-Baptiste BARRIERE(France), Maurice BENAYOUN(France), Terrence BROAD(UK), SeungJoon CHOI(Korea), Tobias KLEIN(Germany), Gene KOGAN(USA), Golan LEVIN(USA), Kyle MCDONALD(USA), David NEWBURY(USA), Shinseungback Kimyonghun(Korea), Minha YANG(Korea), Nabi E.I.Lab (Korea), Neofect(Korea) 

■ Date : 2016.11.15.(TUE) 15:00-18:00
■ Venue : Next Content Confernece COEX Conferent Room# 300, Room#402
■ Host: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
■ Supervision: Art Center Nabi & Korea Creative Content Agency

■ Date : 2016.12.01.-  2016.12.04
■ Venue : COEX (Creative Korea Expo, Seoul)
■ Host: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, KOREA
■ Supervision: Art Center Nabi & Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity
■ Partner : IBM Watson, SK C&C
■ Program : Completion of the prototype from 1st Hackathon with Creative Korea Expo, Hackathon Award Ceremony, Showcase, Exhibition
The artworks based on Artificial Intelligence are examining not only the meaning of 'humanity' like creativity, cognition, and emotion but also the relationship between humans and machine. This AI project provides variety of events related to AI. AI conference brings a discussion about the relationship between human and machine through the development of the artificial intelligence in cognitive revolution era. The creators from Korea, the U.S.A, the U.K, and Hong Kong participates in the global AI Hackathon. The topic of this Hackathon is 'Artificial Intelligence for Social Care' and the creators suggest the cultural and social role of technology that changes the society at large.


1. Harshit Agrawal | Tandem, 2016
Tandem is a newly-coined term that means ‘partners that teach different languages to each other.’ Following the meaning of the term, Tandem attempts to show how AI and humans exchange different visual languages with each other.

2. Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Tobias Klein | Brain Factory, 2016
Brain Factory is a work that translates abstract human ‘emotions’ into a visual form that resembles a ‘product.’ The process where invisible emotions are transformed into data, visualized, and printed through a 3D printer raises a question about the true nature of emotions and their roles in the age of artificial intelligence.

3. Terrence Broad | Autoencoding Blade Runner, 2016
Autoencoding Blade Runner is a presentation of a film reconstructed by artificial intelligence. The artist employs ‘autoencoder’, an artificial neural network that focuses on compression and distribution of image data.

4. Gene Kogan | Cubist Mirror, Kandinsky Mirror, 2016
Gene Kogan is an artist that takes on the expression of human self and creativity through computer software. 
A webcam attached to a display screen functions as an eye for artificial intelligence, transmitting captured images of the audience to an artificial neural network model in real time.

5. Golan Levin, Kyle McDonald, David Newbury | Terrapattern, 2016
Terrapattern is a collaborative project by Golan Levin, a core developer of openFrameworks and a well-known artist, Kyle McDonald, and David Newbury. It is a system that locates terrains and landscapes in different regions that are in similar shapes, using data from Google Maps.


6. Shinseungback Kimyonghun | Animal Classifier, 2016
Shinseungback Kimyonghun is a media artist group that has been using the technology of computer vision, which is an eye of artificial intelligence. Through Animal Classifier, Shinseungback Kimyounghun raises a question about the arbitrariness of ‘classification,’ one of the most important keywords in the studies of artificial intelligence.

7. Minha YANG | The Listed Words and the Fragmented Meanings, 2016
The Listed Words and the Fragmented Meanings is a learning algorithm that studies texts by different scientists and philosophers using an artificial learning algorithm called LSTM-RNN  and generates ‘a language of thoughts’ as a result. It raises a question about whether humans will be able to discern different languages spontaneously generated by artificial intelligence and it can be granted a value of thoughts.

8. Seung Joon Choi | Mathetics ,2016 
Seung Joon Choi is an artist, designer, and educator whose background is applied physics. The title of the work suggests what and how machines are learning and what humans should learn more in the age of cognitive revolution.

9. Nabi E.I.Lab (Youngkak CHO, Youngtak CHO, Junghwan KIM, Yumi YU, Joonhyuk SIM)
1) Robo-Panda, 2016
Robo-Panda is a ‘robotic tutor’ that combines the concept of art toy with artificial intelligence/voice recognition technology and robotics.
2) AI Air Hockey, 2016
AI Air Hockey is a game where players experience the duel between humans and robot in both direct and indirect manners. The artificial intelligence robotics system uses a multi-joint robotic arm that enhances its ability to play the game by learning how to control itself with an artificial neural network.
3) Bremen Music Bot, 2016
Bremen Music Bot is an artificial intelligence robotics system that transforms noise into music. The data is then transmitted to a server, processed in real time by Magenta, an artificial intelligence algorithm on Google’s open-source machine learning platform Tensor Flow. 

4) Beautiful World, 2016
Beautiful World is a ‘mixed reality(MR)’ content where artificial intelligence overlays a new vision on what human eyes’ see.

10. Neofect | Rapael Smart Rehabilitation Solution, 2016
Rapael Smart Rehabilitation Solution is selected by the National Rehabilitation Center, Korea as a supplier of rehabilitation solution. It is a rehabilitation assistant system that recommends games for patients based on their data. 

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