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Nabi Artist Residency 2018

Art Center Nabi operates a global residency program for media artists. Continuing from 2016, Art Center Nabi holds the 3rd Nabi Artist Residency program which works as the platform that communicates and experiments at the intersection of art and technology with talented artists from diverse cultural background. Collaborating with Netherland V2_, Art Center Nabi awaits for the participation of many enthusiastic artists interested in this program.

1. Outline

2. Residency Benefits

- A grant of 4,000,000 won (including the cost of production, accommodation and the flight)

- An opportunity for the residency exhibition and artist talks.

3. Program Overview
Research and Creative Activities

As part of the program, residency artists will receive feedback and support from Art Center Nabi in the form of a workshop, and discussion/interview sessions entailing critique from art professionals. This is to provide a setting for deep exploration of the artwork and encourage ongoing inquiries towards art creation with technology.

Exhibition and Related Programs
Residency artists will have a showcase exhibition to present the result of their art projects at Nabi Artist Residency. Artist talks will be arranged as to share the creative experience of the participants in the residency program and the result of their projects.

At the end of the program, Art Center Nabi will offer diverse connections to domestic/foreign creative laboratories and media art centers to the artists for possible follow-up projects.

4. Application Process

Please send the application requirements to:

* Application Deadline:  Friday, May 
18th, 2018 (*Deadline extended)
- Document Examination: May 19th, 2018 ~ May 28th, 2018
- Additional Interview: If necessary, the candidates will be informed individually.
- Finalist Announcement: June 1st, 2018

*Please note that the announcement of the finalist has been postponed until June 5th, 2018.

*Candidates for V2_ Summer Session could be required to have an additional interview.
*Additional Interview Schedule and Finalists will be announced via official website and the successful applicants will be contacted individually.

5. Application Requirements
- Application Form 
- An up-to-date CV and a cover letter
- A video including self-introduction & proposal for the new artwork planning to create during the Summer Session (including photographs of the artworks, videos, texts, etc.)
- A copy of passport

- Portfolio
- Recommendation letter (with contact information)

6. Contact

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