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0 title [Exhibition] COMO&HAPPY SCREEN_APRIL 2018《Treehugger: Wawona》 date 2018.03.27
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COMO&HAPPY SCREEN_ APRIL 2018《Treehugger:Wawona》
2018. 04. 16 ~ 05. 31
Exhibition venue & Open Hours
COMO (SKT-Tower, Euljiro 1-ga Exit no.4 / Daejeon SKT Dunsan Bldg) 8:30am - 7:00pm
HAPPY SCREEN (SK Bldg 4F) 09:00am - 06:00pm
* closed on weekends and public holidays
Entrance Fee : Free
Exhibition Organizer :  Art Center Nabi, SK Telecom, SK Innovation
Exhibition Artist : Marshmallow Laser Feast
Exhibition Director :  HyeIn Jeon
Exhibition Curator :  HeeEun Kim
Coordinator :   SuHun Lee
Promotion :  HeeEun Kim
Video Editing :  HoMan Kwon, JaeYoung Kim
Video Transmission :  JungHwan Kim, HoMan Kwon, JaeYoung Kim 
Design :  Clair Choi
Exhibition Inquiry :  02-2121-7224

“How can technology provide us with novel ways to connect with nature?”

For the April COMO & HAPPY SCREEN Exhibition, Art Center Nabi presents Treehugger: Wawona by Marshmallow Laser Feast, a creative studio that explores at the junction of virtual and real. As the first chapter of the Treehugger series, Treehugger: Wawona questions upon the inter-relationship between human and nature, and the divide between virtual and real. As a Mixed Reality installation work aimed for a digital archive of the ecosystem, it connects human and the natural world through a unique perspective created via multifarious sense-stimulating elements, rather than recreating a nature-like experience through vast data of sequoia.

In the age of rationalism, development of technology has rather satisfied solely the needs of humanity in active and efficient ways. Towards making our lives ‘easier’, digital technologies have brought hyper-connectivity into our society, inducing a knowledge-based world of vast data, consequently leading to a new dimension of hyperintelligence society. Technology has led the change in our perception of the natural and virtual world, also expanding our imagination as a medium that both develops and communicates.

Treehugger: Wawona
puts forward a long history of sequoia’s life, that has been imagined through the human ‘eye’, in the perspective of the very tree, with the help of the ‘eye’ of technology. The biggest living individual on earth-87.2m long and 27.6m wide sequoia- is ‘re-presented’ through the latest technology, in the form of Virtual Reality. The lifelong history of 3000-year-old sequoia is projected into a video, opening up the wonders of the natural world. The transpiration process of sequoia vividly drawn out as the water and energy moves from the root to the trunk and the leaves, we are given the access to experience the inner system and biosignals of sequoia with our very eyes.

In the exhibition ‘Treehugger: Wawona’, the audience is cordially welcomed in a new experience of the natural world in the ‘eye’ of technology, further assisted to question the relationship with nature beyond our previous perception of the ecosystem. Blurring the boundaries of nature and humanity, virtual and real, to infer the true meaning of coexistence, the exhibition ‘Treehugger: Wawona’ looks forward to offering an opportunity of reconsidering rather a humancentric path which technology has been developed toward and rethinking over the inter-relationship one holds with nature.

Artwork Description

Treehugger: Wawona is a multi-sensor VR work combined with immersive visuals utilizing Marshmallow Laser Feast’s signature Lidar scan method, its unique composition, and the senses of sound, touch and smell. The 3D-scanned inner system of sequoia unfolds in the video. The psychedelic view of the circulation of water and energy from its roots through its gigantic trunk to its leaves further reaches out to the liveliness of the sequoia forest, its scents and sounds. Treehugger: Wawona offers what couldn’t have been captured thoroughly with one’s senses through a perspective mobilized by cutting-edge technologies into the inner world of sequoia. For Treehugger: Wawona, MLF collaborated with researchers at the Natural History Museum and the University of Salford and gathered biological information on the sequoia and used Lidar, white light and CT scanning to create highly detailed textures. Also, a soundscape of sequoia was structured based on the sequoia’s biosignals with which the viewers could feel the rhythm of the biosignals.


Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is a London-based experiential art collective working at the intersection of art, technology and the natural world. Barney Steel, Ersin Han Ersin, and Robin McNicholas as the director, the studio also consists of collaborators including Mileece Ianson and Natan Signigaglia. Using various technologies such as Lidar Scan, 3D Scanning, Nvidia M60000GPU based customized shuttle, VVVV and HTC Vive, MLF employs a wealth of creative disciplines, from data visualization to sense-based story-telling installations. To create “ground-breaking experiences that immerse and amaze in completely unexpected ways”, MLF continues to question the inter-relationship between humanity and nature with the potential of technology widely explored. MLF has participated in various festivals including Christmas festival Southbank, Cinekids, Imagine Festival Southbank, Migrations Festival, STRP Biennale, Tribeca Storyscapes, winning the Tribeca Storyscapes Award in 2017 with Treehugger: Wawona.
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