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Crypto on the Beach 2018

‘Social Maker: Social Impact for Good’ is formed around the idea of humanizing technology: a harmony brought into our daily lives with the integration of technology, consequently opening a new platform for creative practices and social changes.
This year we are focusing on the ‘Blockchain for good.’ 
For the first part of the project, we will start with the hackathon called ’Crypto on the Beach’ , a collaborative project with the Ministry of Science and ICT and the blockchain company GOPAX.
In this hackathon, we aim to build a fruitful collaboration and understanding among scientists, engineers, designers, artists, architects, citizen researchers, and subject-matter-experts. Especially, we plan to invite a young group of people in their 20-30s who want to explore the possibility of blockchain technology for Social Good.


2018.8.17(Fri) ­ 8.19(Sun)
@NakSan Beach Hotel, Yangyang, Gangwon-do
[Final Announcement] 
2018.8.29 (Wed)
Art CenterNabi / SKUXHCILab\


Application Deadline : June 29th, 2018 ~ July 5th, 2018 
Document Examination : July 7th, 2018 ~ July 8th, 2018 
Announcement : July 9th, 2018  
Application Link :
*To be announced via official website and to be noticed individually

Kick-off Meeting

Date : July 11th, 2018 7:00PM-9:00PM
Venue : SK UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang)
*Participation is mandatory for the selected team
Host : Art Center Nabi / GOPAX
Sponsor: Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Bluepoint partners, Bomapp, Mossland, Consensys Academy 
Inquiry: Nabi Future Studies (02-2121-0915) /

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