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39 title P.Art.y 2007- People, Art & Technology date 2007.10.22
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P.Art.y is 3 days' festival gathering, exchange and inspiration for the people in media arts, electronic music and other cross-disciplinary fields emerged in digital era. All the creative energies at the intersection between arts and technology will gather and explore new landscape of arts in technological times. Responding to a changing data flow and the real-time transmission of information, works of our time are often dynamically open-ended. This open structure of arts foregrounds the live, here and now, and improvisational aesthetics, which harks back to the early network art, 'Global Groove' by Nam June Paik in 1973. Highlighting the live multi-modal experience in arts making and its reception, P.Art.y will present various media performances by Korean and internationally-renowned sound, visual, and performing artists. P.Art.y thus focuses on cutting-edge live performances experimenting with old & new media, sound-visual creation, alternative musical instrument, and participatory as well as interactive experience. P.Art.y will also showcase the commissioned projects through open call for 'Network Performance' that explores wireless network and mobile technologies as a new platform for interactive and participatory performance.

Cobi van Tonder & Joerg Koch Hyo Jung Seo & sOo's collage Edwin van der Heide Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat Bubblyfish Aonami ENTTER DJ Soulscape & VJ Ziro DJ Kuma & the Maze Hoola-Loops & Doug Lee Opacity101 - Kwon Lee, Habitant a.k.a. Joo-Myung Song, Dae Young Yoo, Ho Jun Song Relay Collective - erikM, Billy Roisz, deib 13, Toshimaru Nakamura, Chulki Hong, Hangjoon Lee Tae Yoon Choi with team FunOut Zune Lee, Hyo-Sup Lee & Sung-Kyun Jung Dong Kwan Son & Hwang Joo Sun Breadboard Band Maywa Denki Fabian Winkler & Shannon McMullen DJ Spooky Yangachi Seung Joon Choi Creative Commons Korea Breakbakery V-Lab from Vinyl Breadboard Band

Event Date : September 14-16
Place : Art Center Nabi, Namsan Drama Center
Sponsor : Art Center Nabi
Support : Ministry of Culture & Tourism of Korea, Mondriaan Foundation, Goethe Institut Seoul, Korean Film Archive, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Manager : Suhjung Hur
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