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74 title 新人禮讚 - Made in Emerging Planet date 2010.06.18
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This upcoming summer 2010, COMO introduces prize-winning works in 3 divisions of Japan Media Arts Festival (JMAF): Art, Entertainment and Animation including Music Video and independent animation. 

Japan Media Arts Festival is an annual contest that celebrates innovation in Media Arts using the cutting-edge presentation and technologies since it opened in 1997.
As one of the 4 artworks would be displayed in June, < Hibi No Neiro > creates a unique visual aesthetic; split and contact with edited video clip consisted of shots of people. < The Cable Car > shows an imaginary story; the more an old man sneezes, the more a cable car cabin falls apart. < ANIMAL DANCE > is designed to illustrate the dynamism of life through the link between vivid colors and powerful movements. In < A Lizard Planet >, a lizard is a personification of the Earth and explores the space in silence. As much as like surfing Youtube, viewers could find a cool summer with screens in the city providing diverse and lively artworks of Media arts by emerging young artists. 
In July, MIZUE Mirai, who is well known in Korea as a famous animation artist, will show his new work < Metropolis >. < Parallel > expresses the artist’s struggle in seeking the meaning of creation. Lastly, a music video of TOWA TEI, < Mind wall > will blow your barriers in the viewers’ mind away, fostering free thought.
Excitement coming out from these artworks would beat the summer heat wave in a city full of skyscrapers.

  2010.06.15 - 2010.07.31
           (8:30 a.m. - 7:00p.m, on weekends and holidays)
Venue   COMO(SKT-tower, exit gate 4 of Euljiro subway station), W Seoul-Walkerhill
Entrance Fee   free
Organized by   art center nabi, SK telecom
Program Partner   Japan Media Arts Festival
Contact   Jeongwon Chae 02-2121-1030

Artworks in June

Hibi No Neiro (Tone of everyday)

“What are the really important things for us in this world that is flooded with various senses of value?” The answer to this song-like question should be the same no matter how much our civilization has evolved. This music video was done by editing video materials shot with webcams by cooperating fans, and conveys to us the feeling of connecting with people.
Artists  NAKAMURA Magico / NAKAMURA Masayoshi / KAWAMURA Masashi / Hal KIRKLAND (Japan / Australia)

The Cable Car

While travelling by cable car to a place somewhere in the mountains, an old man treats himself to some snuff. Et voila`! With every sneeze the cable car cabin falls apart more and more. The man, however, is far from accepting his fate, just like that.
Artists  Claudius GENTINETTA, Frank BRAUN


This hand-drawn animation depicts the dynamism of life. All the motions and actions of living are treated as dancing, and synchronized with music. The work makes full use of the characteristics of flat animation such as visualization and linkage of images, and metamorphosis of form.
Artist  OKAWARA Ryo

A Lizard Planet

A lizard wrapped in water represents Earth, which is composed of both land and sea. For human beings, living on this earth feels quite natural. However, the earth is both an enormous living organism and a planet in the infinite universe. It would be gratifying if, after seeing this work, the viewer could feel that we live life on a planet that itself is a living existence in space.
Artist  JOKO Tomoyoshi

Artworks in July


This film was created as the opening film of SICAF2009. The growth and decline of a changing city are portrayed using a technique that employs graph paper, which basically restricts movements in all directions. One aim of this work is to emphasize the characteristics of hand-animation through analogue rendering of a material suitable for CG.
Artist  MIZUE Mirai


The search for meaning in the act of creation begins at the crossroads of art and philosophy. Photography, drawing and video merge to tell the story of an artist who seeks purpose in the act of creation. Through his struggle to reconstruct his own identity, he finds himself caught in a cycle of self-perpetuating artistic expression, where the line between reality and perception is not clearly defined.
Artist  Owen Eric WOOD

Mind wall – TOWA TEI’s M/V

Let’s get rid of barriers in our mind and set ourselves free; let’s stop thinking; let’s surrender ourselves to the natural flow of life, like being in a child’s dream.
Artist  NAKAMURA Takeshi 


Artist MIZUE Mirai


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