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75 title Drawing a Tree date 2010.09.14
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In August and September of 2010, COMO presents a tree shade for you.
Hansol Hur made his first < A Tree > with his affection of Hangul, influenced by him Hangul name ‘Hansol’, which is the first present from his dad that lives his lifelong. Initial consonants of <나무>, ‘ㄴ’ and ‘ㅁ’ grows into ‘나무’, and this time, it meets the second tree < ARTREE > with people’s hands.
As its subtitle ‘The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature Came from the Laws of Chance’, < ARTREE > is a tree that craves beauty.
The tree keeps growing from your fingertips and changes its face to spring, summer, fall, and winter, bringing back our memories of happy moments. Under the < ARTREE >, why don’t we take a rest from this yet finished hot summer and give ourselves a time to shape our lives?

Date  2010.08.05 ~ 2010.09.30 (8:30 a.m. ~7:00p.m, closed on weekends and holidays)
Venue  COMO (SKT-tower,exit gate 4 of Euljiro subway station), W Seoul-Walkerhill
Entrance Fee  Free
Organized by art center nabi, SK telecom
Contact  Jeongwon Chae, 02-2121-1030



< ARTREE >, 2010, Hansol Heo, Video Installation, APP ART for iPad/ iPhone

Trees are always attraction to me.
I think this trait originated from my name.
My name is a present given by my father, but also a present from all living things of this universe.

Drawing with computers is based on duplicating and coincidence.
With help of coincidence, duplicating and designing its relations is the charm of Code.

The tree’s growth resembles to Code. Of course, mimicking the beauty of nature is impossible, but we can be enchanted by the tree through other perspective.

Like the subtitle of ARTREE, “The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature Came from the Laws of Chance”, I wanted to represent the suffocating beauty that coincidence brings us.
Without noticing, coincidence is nothing. When a chance branches out adapting with the world, it gains its life. That moment is the most beautiful and stunning time, I learned from this work.


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