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8 title Trialogue date 2001.10.12
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Trialogue is an exhibition that visual artists, interface designers, computer music composers, engineers, and curators work together to produce. Trialogue is an artistic experimental space that tries to have a ‘trialogue’ of Nature, Human, and Virtual life and find a new meaningful relationship through the visual and musical interactions by digital processing. Fish(Au, 漁), a symbol of nature; Human(Hau), that includes the artists and the audiences; and Virtual Life (Vau), an artificial intelligence, appear in the Trialogue. The audiences can make various images and sounds with the interface made of light sensor. On the other hand, Fish makes its movements differently by images made by the audiences and of virtual life. These movements are then converted into digital codes and create new images and sounds. Human, fish, and virtual life make a trialogue continuously by creating images and sounds interactively. In this artistic trialogue, we come up with questions about a new relationship with each subject and try to recover their true/honest/sincere relationship.

Zune Lee, Jaeho Chang

Event Date : October 12, 2001 - December 12, 2001
Place : Art center Nabi
Sponsor : Art center Nabi
Manager : Dooeun Choi
Inquiry : 02-2121-0919,
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