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86 title 《Weather Pong v. 1.0》 date 2011.08.01
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Art Center Nabi supported a prominent media artist Zune Lee to present his lastest work 〈Weather Pong v. 1.0〉 for a special project named “Weather Tunnel” in 《TransLife: Media Art China 2011》 organized by National Art Museum of China.

Following the groundbreaking international new media art exhibition Synthetic Times, a 2008 Beijing Olympics Cultural Project, the National Art Museum of China presents 《TransLife》, the next installment of the Media Art China series, now instituted as a triennial, slated to open on July 26, 2011, in Beijing.
Amidst the global challenges of climate and ecological crises that threaten the very existence of humanity, the exhibition 《TransLife》 reflects on the whereabouts of humankind in relationship to nature through an unique perspective and philosophical speculation, calling for citizen participation in facing these imminent challenges with artistic imagination to advocate a new world view of nature and a retooled humanist proposition.
The exhibition is structured by three thematically related components that gradually progress from the discovery of new sensorial potentials that extend our cognitive capacities to the emergence of multiple life forms to biodiversity and an exploration of the symbiosis of cohabitation, revealing emerging concepts of life and provoking contemplation on the biosphere. In doing so, the exhibition also strives to reassess the historical roots and epistemological foundation of the current ecological and environmental predicament, interrogating the notion of subjectivity inherent in the project of modernity and the anthropocentrism derived from that tradition.
- Overview of 《TransLife》 by Curator Zhang Ga

Venue National Art Museum of China
Time 10:00a.m~5:00p.m
Entrance Free
Organized by National Art Museum of China
Curator Zhang Ga
Artist Zune Lee, Chihyoung Shim, Changgyun Jung, Inho Won
Coordinator Art Center Nabi Hyunjung Woo

〈Weather Pong v. 1.0〉, 2011, 630 x 600 x 400mm, Interactive installation

Weather Pong, a game artwork, is based on Pong and Arkanoid, early arcade games. Weather Pong receives weather data from Seoul (South Korea) and Auckland (New Zealand) via network. To do this, in two cities we installed environmental sensor kits enabling to gather local weather data. The game also collects words concerning weather and environments from websites and social networks such as Google, Naver, and Twitter. Based on such data, the game engine creates weather bubbles and sound. During game-playing the bubbles continue to increase in number and then approach the center of game stage from both sides (cities). The gamer must burst appropriate bubbles approaching her/him by passing the ball through the opposite side or reflecting the ball with the paddle in order to keep an environmental balance between two areas. The burst bubbles directly influence the virtual tree’s life in each area, and the gamer must keep their life and help their growth smoothly. If the bubbles arrive to the center of stage or one of trees dies, the game is over. The weather data and words are also used to control the game difficulty and game environment such as the ball speed, bubbles number and hardness, paddle length, sound, etc. By doing so, the game tries to prevent the gamer from winning the game. When playing this game, the gamer, as a mediator between our environments, will have a chance to realize the importance of our eco-environmental issues.

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Artist /
Zune Lee
Programmer/ Chihyoung Shim, Inho Won
Sound Designer/ Changgyun Jung

Dr. Zune Lee is an artist, who has been crossing various fields such as visual art, music and technology. His media art pieces have been showcased domestically (MediaBottles, Trialogue) and internationally (Mixplore, A Bottle of Weather). His recent works introduce the sense of taste and synesthetic concepts to the sphere of art in various projects (Bottlogics, Butchered Text). He graduated from Stanford University (MA/MST, CCRMA, 2005) and Seoul National University (BFA in Visual Communication Design, 1999/BS in Computer Science and Engineering, 2001).  Recently, he received his PhD in Culture Technology from the Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST (2011).

Chihyoung Shim, a designer and engineer, is interested in generative design and kinetic sculptures. He studied mechanical engineering (BS & MS at Seoul National University) and worked in a heavy equipment company as an engineering designer. Currently he studies design management at IDAS (International Design School for Advanced Studies, Hongik University). Chihyoung, as a visual programmer, participated in Seoul Square Media Canvas Project: Big Screen Big Game, 2010.

Changgyun Jung, a sound designer, has been interested in creating ambient sound. He has participated in several sound performances and new media art projects such as Hello World Vol.2 (2010), Hello World Vol.3 (2011), A Night of SuperCollider (2010), Seoul Square Media Canvas Project: Big Screen Big Game (2010).

Inho Won is studying interaction design and new media art in Seoul National University. Inho has concentrated on game art and generative art based on creative programming. Recently he showcased Break Me, Game+Interactive Media Art Exhibition, The Museum of Art, Seoul National University, 2010, and he also took a part in Seoul Square Media Canvas Project: Big Screen Big Game, 2010.

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