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91 title Korea-Australia Telematic Performance〈Hello Project〉 date 2011.10.03
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Take a minute to say HELLO to Australia! Join us from 6-7:30pm on October 7th, 2011 at Fed Square and Arko Arts Theatre, Seoul to participate in a free live skype dance game between Melbourne and Seoul. Everyone welcome! HELLO is a continuously evolving dance routine: movements are passed back and forth in real-time between participants in Melbourne and Seoul over the course of one hour. You learn what you can and then teach whatever you can remember of the dance to the next participant – even though the participants are in different countries!

Federation Square

How long will it take?
It will take two minutes of your time; one minute to learn, one minute to teach. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember the movements correctly; part of the fun is to see how the dance changes over time. At 6:30pm and 7pm we’ll be showing the dance sequences on the big screens so you can see your place in the movement chain. There will also be live cameras at Fed Square and Arko Arts Theatre that connect the screens at both places that you are welcome to interact with. We are making a hole in time and space!

How do I participate? All you need to do is show up at the marquee in Fed Square or at the marquee at Arko Art Theatre on October 7th between 7pm and 8pm (Australia time).

Can I bring my friends? Yes, you can bring your friends, but only one person at a time can be in front of the screen to perform the dance.

Will I be dancing in public? Maybe in a transnational public! Your dance will be transmitted live between the marquees in Melbourne and Seoul, but sometimes you will be visible on the big screens too.

What is it all about? HELLO 안녕하세요 is an Australia-Korea live public dance and screen project conceived by Australian choreographer Rebecca Hilton in collaboration with Korean choreographer Soon-ho Park and the Art Center Nabi, Seoul. The project uses no words. Just gestures and dance moves. Utilising skype technology on a grand scale, HELLO tracks the sharing, teaching, learning and interpreting of different movement gestures as they are exchanged live via large public screens situated in Seoul and Melbourne. Harnessing the newest technologies so that we can experience and perform one of the oldest arts together, across continents and cultures, HELLO is simple but also challenging, elegant, and fun. It is a new transnational dance, a 21st century folk dance for Australia and Korea!

This project is presented by Large Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere, Fed Square Pty Ltd, The Australia Council for the Arts, The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and Art Center Nabi, Seoul. HELLO is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the Australian Research Council.

Enquiries about this project contact Amelia Douglas adouglas [at]

For more on Rebecca Hilton’s work, visit: Danza Para Todos, Stompin' , The Go Show For more on Soonho Park’s work, visit: Pattern & Variability, Extraordinary Day Learned Helplessness

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