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[Residency] Nabi Artist Residency 2019 Residency Artists

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Nabi Artist Residency 2019

Art Center Nabi operates a global residency program for media artists. Continuing from 2016, Art Center Nabi holds the 4th Nabi Artist Residency program which works as the platform that communicates and experiments at the intersection of art and technology with talented artists from a diverse cultural background. Collaborating with V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media in the Netherlands, Art Center Nabi introduces two selected artists including Jasper van Loenen, the exchange artist from V2_, and Timo Toots. The artists will work closely with the Curatorial Team of Art Center Nabi, and are expected to improve on their competence, and produce experimental/creative outcomes through various programs such as open studio, exhibition, and networking events provided by Nabi Artist Residency program.


-  Residency Period   September 16th, 2019 ~ November 8th, 2019
-  Venue   Art Center Nabi, SK UX HCI LAB (Tazak Madang), Han-ok (Nabi Future Studies)
-  Participating Artists   Jasper van Loenen (the Netherlands), Timo Toots (Estonia)
-  Partner   V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media (
-  Sponsor   CROWN GOOSE
-  Inquiry   Curatorial team (



Jasper van Loenen (the Netherlands, b.1987)

Jasper van Loenen is an artist based in Rotterdam who mainly works with open source code and technology. Jaspers work deals with the relationship between us and the technology we use on a daily basis. His goal is to expose the hidden workings of these technologies and to offer users an insight into the processes and systems that lie below the surface. Through his work he tries to stimulate users to explore and learn about what those systems entail, not because of an aversion against technological progress, but because most of us dont fully realize in what ways technology is being used by companies and governments, and what decisions and agendas have led to their development. By mastering and critiquing these technologies and using them for new artistic purposes, Jasper reveals the actual significance of these technologies.

He studied Interaction Design at the ArtEZ Institute for the Arts in Arnhem, and Networked Media from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.



Timo Toots (Estonia, b.1982)

Timo Toots is a new media artist living and working in the south of Estonia. His work is concentrated on researching of, experimenting with and reflecting on the relationships between people, technology and nature. He does not limit the medium of expression, but usually, the outcome takes a form of machines. Toots studied computer science at Tartu University and photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. His artistic practice combines the new technological wonders with analytical and conceptual properties of photography. He has participated in over 50 exhibitions in Estonia, Europe, Asia and the USA, and in 2012, he won Golden Nica in Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica for his work Memopol-2 which deals with individual privacy in the information age.